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Future Is an Amazing Thing.


Future's feature.

Future's feature is very critical and

It's bout is very dramatical.

Someone says, future is full of confusion,

But I think, in the court of future perfect every decision.

whether a blank page of the past will be filled in the future who knows?

I had also left a blank page during my college days.

Because i didn't get the answer to my question,

Who knew that page would be filled today at 12 a.m. in my in law's mention.

Everyone has the curiosity to know what is in the womb of the future,

why it is there, and how it's nature?

But the future is the future, it will come only in the future.

Don't know whose eyes have tears,

And whose eyes will be decorated with stars.

The lap of the future is never empty,

But the game of the future is always unheard.

The mystery of the future is very interesting and better,

But the truth of the future is so bitter.

When a plant of a small mistake made in the past,

Turns into a huge tree in the future,

not only the heart and the mind but even the soul trembles last .

Hopefully! The future once showed glimpse it's linked,

Once again opened the eyes and blinked.

If you improve your nature quickly,

Then your condition will probably improve in the mirror of the future finally.

I wish the future would once reveal its own mystery,

Then no doubt,changes our past's history.

In the past who touched goodness peak,

In future he will must become unique.

Whatever we give today Of nature,

We will reap the same thing in future.

You will heard a proverbs ,

As you sow, so you shall reap.

It means whatever you did in past,

You will get this with interest your lives in last.

If you will make your today sweet,

In future from anyone's you will never defeat.

© 2022 Babykhushbu

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