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Future Lies with You

Passionate storyteller striving to create meaningful connections. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

Remembering, capturing wishes
what could it be, the love,
the whispers of belonging
I hear in the morning
and late at night
when blue moon says goodbye
until new dawn?

Glimmers of future greet me,
they include you,
our home,
the hearts
we hold dear and cherish.
They come up close,
they dance in sparkles
and make us feel
that the next day
holds wonder
and delight
despite hard work or toils,
each morning is a rainbow
of shared devotion.

And if I stay awhile,
one moment,
the next second
to catch my breath,
to feel the fragrance
of warm freesia embraces
that sun sends in a flash,
I always find your smile
shining to guide me back
to our walls,
our garden
the perfume of remembrance
comfort of knowing
I am loved.

I hold on to your soul
for bridges
that cross chasms
where darkness runs and plays
with lost souls who feel tempted
to dwell in crossroads,
to find ways
in deserts of the heart
where no kindness
still lingers.
With you, I am one in a spirit
of joy, imagination,
ideas taking flight
becoming butterflies
that carry
all tomorrows
on wings of trust.

© 2021 Amy Christie

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