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Furious RHYMES

I am an experienced poet. I know all formats but love writing Rhyme Poetry


We were born to lead.

Right now these mercenaries.

Have entrusted both of us.

He came to me and didn't puss.

I was a cop.

He convinced me to stop.

Now I lead these criminals.

In the midst of extreme struggles.

These guys are all skilled drivers.

They look to solve problems.

His name is Dominic.

I'm Brian. We are the furious.

The furious leaders.

I became his right hand partner.

I remember when I I stopped him.

But his skills made me let him.

Made me let him go.

So that we could start this show.

Now we are considered.

Because our team always delivers.


Furious RHYMES 2

My old friend came to me.

& asked me to be.

Be along his side.

When he takes by surprise.

A drug lord in Argentina.

I first saw him active in races.

One of them, the police ended it.

He fled, but U.S agents.

Stopped him with a proposition.

To erase his criminal background.

In exchange for him to help take down.

That drug lord in Argentina.

They showed they needed him.

On American Soil to apprehend him.

and they wanted Brian to go get him.

Brian agreed and let me partner.

I never blew my cover.

We were hired by Verone.

To help him get money to his home.

We were to transfer it from Miami.

The FBI know what he was doing.

One day Customs stopped it.

Despite Verone knowing about it.

We completed their mission.

From then on, I became an addition.

Furious RHYMES 3

He was troubled in high school.

He didn't care about being cool.

He only cared about racing.

& the cars he fixed for a living.

One day he saw a pretty girl.

That loved his troubled world.

The girls hated he was her friend

They didnt like the attention.

The attention she gave to his car.

It wasn't great but she saw.

That he was a star in the making.

Her Boyfriend presented an offering.

An offering he could not refuse.

If he won, he will have a new.

A new girlfriend.

But he lost it all in the end.

An accident changed it all.

That shipped him once and for all.

To me in Japan.

He stayed with his estranged dad.

He stopped getting in trouble.

Shopping racing was a struggle.

Until he saw a beautiful lady.

Who was with the king of drift racing.

They raced for her honor.

He lost, but gained a trainer.

I helped him get much better.

After a while, he was a winner.

He made that girl his queen.

He was the new Drift King.

Me, I had another offer.

To be more than just a trainer.

Furious RHYMES 4

I was with Dom since he started.

But I felt something would happen.

I heard that he resurfaced.

If he did, he sees what visioned.

But Sadly, I wasn't there.

I was shot & the person didn't care.

Didn't care to ask for help.

Luckily, I got the help.

I survived the tragic event.

& he knew nothing about it.

Team toretto was catching bad guys.

I remained in disguise.

As he asked that they all separate.

They all had their own space.

He moved to Panama City.

He got a phone call about me.

Saying I died in a sudden collision.

He returned here on a mission.

He suspected that it was murder.

From then on, he searched for my killer.

To bring him to justice his way.

But a man led him astray.

Despite it, He pushed forward.

An old friend came and offered.

Info of where he'd be.

It was Brian of the LAPD.

He searched for Arturo Braga.

Braga played part in my murder.

He saved a potential suspect.

& made an FBI Informant.

Later, Don figured out why.

Brian thought to save the guy.

He figured many things out later.

He too, looked for Braga.

They teamed up and found him.

Brian became who he never imagined.

Me, I was still thriving.

I forgot much, but I'm living.


Furious RHYMES 5

I'm the loyal sister.

I saw my brother captured.

He sacrificed himself for me.

& his brother in law to be.

Before it all, we were on.

A job where a drug lord.

Was transporting high end cars.

Before it, they were robbed.

I fell in love with Brian.

We became more of a target.

We hid in Brazil.

Where he became more thrilled.

When he found I was pregnant.

Before it, he decided.

That that life, we should end.

Since a new one was to begin.

The empire was set in place.

But we had a wanted face.

I got away but found.

That the guy we robbed.

Was big. He was a threat.

His name was Herman Reyes.

We found that car held a chip.

A chip that will make us rich.

That chip held all of his money.

& the key was in Reyes custody.

We developed a great strategy.

We got a vault and all his money.

Brian and I became rich.

We chose to take a vacation.

Reyes ended up dead.

We were blind to the tragedy ahead.

Furious RHYMES 6

I was living the life I dreamed.

So was the rest of the team.

I bought the car I loved.

Brian had the child he loved.

I remember when I first started.

I was just a normal mechanic.

Now I'm one of the best.

On a team that is a threat.

I remember when he called me.

He told me that he needed me.

To deliver a known criminal.

That had custody of who we know.

Letty, we were misled.

We all figured she was dead.

She is apart of a team.

That's alarmed the U.S agency.

& they call on Toretto.

To gather his team and go.

At first, he was reluctant.

That picture, helped his decision.

We all saw the same picture.

& we guaranteed to deliver.

We could not ignore what we saw.

She was with Owen Shaw.

He’s wanted in many nations.

For letty, we ended their vacations.

It was yes under conditions.

For us to have our pardons.

The team had no more bounties.

But our records still had history.

We presented the option to the agents.

Then they finalized the decision

Since that team is our duplicate.

We knew how we’d go about it.

Like usual, we won it all.

Letty was back in out arms.

Shaw was heavily injured.

We awakened a beast in his brother.

Furious RHYMES 7

My brother’s still alive.

I'm not shocked he survived.

But I want revenge.

On the team that tried to end.

That tried to end his life.

I have them in my sight.

They're in L.A.

After this, I'm headed that way.

They don't know I'm not far away.

I see them as they celebrate.

As I delivered a package.

That sent them a strong message.

They knew that I was coming.

Like a wolf, I was hunting.

The team behind it all.

I promise, they'd all fall.

Once there, they saw bigger.

Toretto quickly countered.

Countered all my attacks.

He aimed to avenge the fact.

That his family was almost killed.

He gathered the team to fulfill.

But I was like a ghost.

Toretto was given more hope.

Hope in an all-seeing eye.

A tool they called GOD's eye.

I fought, but it was much.

That eye helped them catch up.

They caught up to me.

But they didn't kill me.

They had the help of a hacker.

They found me & made them better.


Furious RHYMES 8

I met the two in charge.

They knew I had something large.

That helped them find deckhard.

Now their team is larger.

Because I joined them too.

I was chosen to.

Replace Mia who walked.

I became the boss.

Of the teams communications.

We were chosen for a mission.

A mission in Berlin.

Our leader had other plans.

We were to get a device.

Unknowing that the same device.

Was wanted by Cipher.

We got it but couldn't deliver.

That was due to an accident.

In the midst, our took it.

He took it to deliver.

We later found he did it for cipher.

Our jobs was to get it back.

In the midst, we found out that.

He worked along her side.

Because she had the lives.

The lives of an ex.

With a child, used as a threat.

Toretto was threatened.

& that child in her possession.

Was his own.

He desired to get them home.

So he compromised a little.

To get them all from trouble.

So the team and some enemies.

Came together and freed.

Dominique & his baby.

Before it, there was tragedy.

Cipher killed the mother.

In the end, fate did deliver.


The last mission took much out.

Like always, we pulled it out.

We captured my loving son.

Now I watch him grow into one.

Of the family carrying.

The love of fixing and driving.

Cars fast or slow.

But I can't forget year's ago.

It was 1989.

When my dad died.

He too was a racer.

I saw it along with Jakob.

Jakob is my brother.

I found he killed my father.

But I didn't turn him in.

I gave him a choice instead.

After challenging him in a race.

I won, & his face.

His face wasn't seen again.

Until we my crew was asked.

To retrieve a friend in custody.

I saw him look right at me.

He was working along side.

Who almost destroyed our lives.

She killed my child's mother.

We beat her but didn't kill her.

At first, I was reluctant.

Mia came an added.

More help to the team.

We found that we need.

A device in their custody.

That will put the planet jeopardy.

We learn that an our old teammate.

Is connected to what was placed.

We added more old faces.

One was a surprising addition.

That one, we thought was murdered.

Faked it, to be a protector.

He came along and helped us.

Like always, we captured.

Exactly what was needed.

My brother was given.

A chance to get away.

& Cipher, ran away.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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