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Funny Pun about Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion

When Leo was young

Africa was his home.

He was king of the jungle

Wherever he did roam.

“Who’s the king of the jungle?”

To each animal he would call.

‘You are, oh mighty lion,

You’re the strongest of them all.’

Whether cheetah or monkey

Hippopotamus or donkey,

Every animal agreed

Leo was the king indeed.

One day Leo wandered afar.

He asked a huge bull elephant.

“Who’s the king of the jungle?”

The beast thought him irrelevant.

Leo persisted,

“Who is the king?”

The elephant resisted

And said nothing.

After the third query

The elephant looked peeved

Threw Leo against a tree

Stomped him and turned to leave.

Bruised and battered

Our hero arose

Flashed his middle finger

And yelled this prose,

"You didn’t have to stomp me so,

'cause you didn’t know the answer, bro."

After this episode

Leo stopped his rap,

His confidence eroded,

He fell into a trap.

Poachers captured him

To a circus he was sold.

There he would stay

Until he grew too old.

He now lived in a cage,

He learned to growl on cue

And roar with pretended rage

At me and you and you.

He longed for the freedom

That he had before

Though he enjoyed the shrieks

When he began to roar.

But time marched on,

He had problems with his teeth

Soon he had lost all those above

And then the rest beneath.

A toothless lion

Is not a celebrity

The circus found a buyer

A doctor of longevity.

He took pity on Leo

And brought him home as a pet.

Although Leo looked ferocious

Not to worry, not to sweat.

There was never any danger

Leo lay in front of the door.

He might growl at a stranger.

But he was Jungle King no more.

He’d sunbathe at the doorsill

Like a large shaggy doormat.

Stepping over him was an ordeal,

The doctor followed that format.

This scientist studied dolphins

He soon learned they thrived

And led long healthy lives

When they ate birds alive.

He believed with the right diet

No salt, no fats, no carbs ever

These porpoises he carefully fed

Would live and be well f o r e v e r.

Their latest diet was seagulls,

This food appeared to be working

But the press leaked the story

Soon danger was lurking.

One morning as Lionel was dozing

He opened up one eye.

Some strange men were there

Wearing badges spelled F. B. I.

The doctor answered the door,

With seagulls still in his hands.

“Who are you looking for?”

These men could ruin his plans.

By badges he wasn’t impressed.

“You,” said the Agent.

You are under arrest,”

“What is the charge?

“Mr. Agent-at-Large?”

The answer: “Transporting gulls over a staid lion for immortal porpoises.”


“The goodness of the true pun is in the direct ratio of its intolerability.” – Edgar Allan Poe

To me, there is no doubt . . . Edgar knew what he was talking about.

© 2011 drbj and sherry

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