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Haiku for Friends

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

To My Funny Friends

Friends are the family we choose. No matter how long you have known your friends, you will have everlasting memories to share. Even if you have never met your friends because they live in your computer, chances are your memories will be even more significant.

Friends come in to our lives for a reason. I firmly believe there is no coincidence when some one enters our part of the world. We might never know the reason, but we sure do appreciate the friendship.

Friends leave our lives, for one reason or another. But, it's what they leave behind that matters most. We learn from one another. We teach each other something we might have never known.

I love my friends. I have quite a few funny friends. We have made many memories that made me laugh out loud. This haiku tribute is for you...


Haikus for Friends

We snort while laughing
hilarious as can be
we might even pee

Late as usual
lame excuses make us smile
early bird never

Always have your back
defense mechanisms up
never fear my dear

Bickering we do
back and forth all through the day
what more can we say

Mambo jerk and twerk
fabulous and funny friends
gyrate to music

Debates are habit
opinionated we are
chuckle till the end


Coffee tea or wine
always prepared with a fix
good to the last drop

Tears from a break up
once again lessons are learned
time to fix make up

Borrowing outfits
vanishing never return
till the next party

Hormonal mood swings
attacking the innocent
watch out she might blow

Wicked witches not
no potion in our cauldron
leave room for our broom

Shapes of all sizes
curvaceous bodies galore
size doesn't matter


Your opinion counts...

Friendship Song starring Lucy & Ethel

© 2014 Linda Bilyeu

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