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A holiday Journey in a poetic way

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-Don’t we all need that little relaxing break? -Absolutely YES!

The holiday period is usually a way to celebrate the only really human values of peace, generosity, and empathy. Whatever way we choose to celebrate this season, it acts as a reminder that the views that connect together exceed those that separate us. It the period of relaxing , enjoyment and reconnecting with your life and loved ones once again... ;)

Every person who's really capable of doing so should push oneself to take the full month off each year, regardless he wishes to or not, and plan a trip to his/her favorite holiday spot.

Below is the holiday trip described in a fun and poetic way. I hope my dear readers finds it entertaining and enjoyable too. So, let's go and explore the excitement together :))

Poem starts below;



Sunday ,Monday ,Tuesday, all day

resting, playing ,dancing ,dressing

No stress ,no worries ,no calls

Cellphone on silent, no bossing today

Lying on cushion ,doing unwinding

of burden being buried from loading of toil

That glory of sunniness arriving to me

with wind of lakeside, amazingly sighting

Smelling orangey and tasting all sweets

I'm holding a chalice of yellow cocktail

Lounging on chaise ,Shading and goggling

sipping the cocktail with spreading my feet

Amusing ,luxurious ,the days have begun

these season Holidays ,I want them again


© 2021 Mar