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Fully Asleep; Woke


Peacefully drawing blood,

shed between mounds of flesh

eyes wide open shut, while babies are laid to rest.

Liberated with rioting uproar

medicated influence doctrinated into educated

bullets laced with lies to cut ties dispensing

substances infused with poisoned truth

sealing your mind in a haze to remind

you that time that you were truly WOKE.

Restlessly sleep walking close to the flame

not ashamed of the slurred speeches

increased to make you seep into drunkenness

restrained demented exploits of remorsefully

unobtained pieces of the peace

sawed and clawed gently erasing tearful pleas

of yesterday’s mistake of sensitivity

entangled with compassion, with a flake of empathy

Useless because I’m FULLY WOKE

My generation; he, no she, no it, no me!

self-love plastered on every reflection

hiding all imperfection, contoured and contorted

vigorously hiding me for all to see

all lives matter until your life, means me.

Racing to erase our identity of history

slowing down any hindrance of progress

to the edge of madness fragmented into

tolerance folded into love vomiting abomination

sliding into hell’s gate but wait! stay woke!