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"Full of Myself" in Alternate Meaning: A Philosophical Poem

Val has evolved his own model of a happy and out-of-box processing of the reality with different techniques and routinized daily practices.


Life truly is what you make of it. The purpose and meaning of life is the purpose and meaning that you give it.

-- Steven Redhead

"Full of myself" best defines my state

but not in the sense it's usually meant

rather it is something particularly great

without signals of selfishness being sent.

I do notice and appreciate all those around me

but there is an honesty part I have to mention

it's about our mind with which we always see

meaning ourselves coloring all our attention.

We give selective suchness to everything outside

we are full of ourselves whether we like it or not

it's got nothing to do with selfishness or pride

but acting out only nature that we have got.

For, people see themselves differently than we do

and their sense of self we can never duplicate

so who they really are we don't have a clue

all that we ever do is create and create.

We try to bridge the reality that we share

with words and what we call common sense

but no matter how much we may honestly care

it's just a reality of our mind, so unique and dense.

Most of that is unconsciously done

especially since people live half asleep

and their creations don't feel like much fun

as they live the programs ingrained and deep.

Well, I'm trying to create consciously the best I can

mostly choosing the meaning of whatever I see

which makes me a sort of some odd man

but that's just the way I choose to be.

So chances are, if we would ever meet

I would be looking for that best about you

while creating my reality pleasant and sweet

as being always "full of myself" that's what I do.

© 2022 Val Karas