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Full of Energy And Can't Sleep

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How To Understand And Accept

It's my own fault

I was tired and went to bed at nine

Only to wake up at two A.M.

Well rested and eager to start my morning

Every day we have things we have to do

Go to work and earn a living

Not just a paycheck

Because money alone doesn't make me happy

The satisfaction of a job well done

Gives me the push out the door

Even on the days that I want to stay home

Chores around the house to make everything nice

Then there is a longer list of things we want to do

Starts with our dreams and ambitions

Then we can add in our fantasies

Life moves along at a strange pace

One we can neither predict nor control

My life falls right in between both

I have to stay organized and propel forward

Making myself happy and at the same time always reaching for a higher purpose

Creating new ways of helping people

That gives me the most satisfaction

Finding bits of joy where it may be

Like chocolate chip bits

Sitting on my shelf

Begging to be eaten

So sweet and yet so inviting

That you never seem to get enough

As a new day opens up

Like a can of peanuts when you pull off the cover

You hear a pop

The smells the sights

They look so good

Only time will tell

How good this day will be

We have to live it

Appreciate it

Share it the best we know

In so doing

We experience all the good there is not just in one day

But every day after and throughout the world

Sometimes we see and other times we hold a blind eye too

The best part is we all do it so remarkably

Everyone is so unique in their own way

In a cookie-cutter world where certain things never change

I am off to create some fun and shake up my little corner

Like a rattle that I have only seen in movies

The sounds you are about to hear are real

The sounds have been written not copied

To protect the innocent

Rat a tat, tat

Rattle and roll

Rattle and more rattles

To see where it goes

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