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Fruit Scone


A simple little thing

When your confidence is low a little thing can feel insurmountable. As I know from personal experience.

I recently attended a cook school as part of my personal development, and the first thing I did was bake fruit scones. I was so proud of what I had done I couldn't wait to get home and let everyone try them.

Fruit Scone

All filled up with anxiety my confidence all gone.

Who would imagine that the saviour was a little fruit scone.

“You’re to stupid for to do this”, said a voice somewhere inside.

“You never should have came here just run away and hide”.

I measure out ingredients and put them in a bowl.

I start mixing them together, I don’t like being in control

I start to roll the mixture out thoughts running through my mind.

Will these fruit scones be any good? The answer we’ll soon find.

I put them in the oven and watch them rising up.

I feel just like a footballer who’s won the world cup.

I tell the voice inside me, “at last I’ve proved you wrong”.

And then I say a thank you to my lovely fruit scone.

With confidence at its lowest ebb.

And trapped inside that spider’s web.

The feeling of achievement, this maybe sounds in jest.

Would not be any better if I’d climbed up Everest.

Just like the saying, from little acorns oak trees grow.

As you achieve those little things your confidence will show.

Be proud of your achievements it’s now you at the controls.

Keeping setting out and reaching for those simple little goals.

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