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From dark into Light


From dark into Light

Countless years spent in recesses of darkness, in quagmires of worry and anxiety

Running in a blind and confused frenzy from one relationship to another, from one town to the next, jumping in and out of movies, bouncing back and forth between ideas about happiness like monkeys on branches

Searching for that elusive ingredient to fill the void within, to attain a semblance of the lasting happiness that always remained out of reach

We continue in such fashion until the Light of the Brightest Patron embraces us and carries us home to our true self in His Eternal embrace

Thus we stop pursuing that temporal and illusory idea of happiness and find meaning in what is everlasting

Meandering with perfect ease of mind and heart through the various pathways of life without worry, in the most outstanding of spiritual states

The fetters of worldly burdens corrode, the cages of societal pressures melt into continuous peace.

© 2020 Mo Durrani