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From an American Soldier's Journal in Afghanistan

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This place is so beautiful, the food of this country
is so delicious — everywhere you go, you'll encounter
marks of a rich heritage and an equally rich history;
but the girls of Afghanistan are in pain: they can not
go out (never at night); they must
stay in the house throughout the year, they can not go
to a shop and buy "Stayfree" or "Whispers" napkins;
all throughout their life
they must serve men: first their father, then their husband,
and lastly their sons and grandchildren.
We are here to change all this: but this can not be
done by guns and ammunitions alone; we
need to make songs in the local Afghan language, we
need to compose poetry, paintings, literature,
industry, trade and business
in a language that they understand; we
need to show them the beauty and eye~openingness
of YouTube, of Facebook, of Swisscows, of Google
and the entirety of the Internet; we
need to link the Afghans into the current of the WorldLife. . .

Far away in Delhi, there is small two-storey
building away from the torrents of the city; there
lives a producer who makes lesbian porn videos
and sells them to porn websites.
This guy has a studio in the upper storey of his house—
Many days ago, he visited Afghanistan, and the Talibans
recognized him and tried to kill him. Now, he hears and sees
the news each day (on BBC World News) how the Talibans
are getting choked each day, and are made to kneel
before the Americans.

I, the poet of this poem, live
in the northern portion of Bengal. We
neither have the Talibans, nor the producers
of any porn videos. But we, too, are affected by
what is happening in the rest of the world.
When we are planning for vacation, we automatically
exclude Afghanistan from our list. But I do not like that.
Once Afghanistan was a part of the grand Indian culture.
Once, we spoke the same Hindi / Urdu language.
Once we shared the same pathan blood, of happiness
and of flight (soar) and of abundance, in our veins.
But now, we are cut off. We need to connect with
Pakistan, and that will mechanically link us with Afghanistan,
and that will link us with Turkey and the European Union.
I envision a world where there will be
a one unified world~government.
But the NATO countries can not accomplish this alone.
They need us, the Indians, and the Pakistanis,
to elevate the beautiful land of Afghanistan.