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From Your Womb to Your Arms


You were so excited, your face glows and your smile reaches to the sky.

Your heart beats faster than ever before, your thoughts were so focused by every single word you're hearing by the person with stethoscope.

Your eyes are stoned still over the small screen monitor with black and white images, you're happy looking at it thou the images barely moving.

You eat food you don't like but you know inside you really likes.You drink something you haven't drank for you it's yucky but for what's inside you it's refresshing and nourishing.

You're so impatient with time, but this time you are excited until its due time. You don't like sweet and soft music much, but you listen because there's a kick in every beat inside of you as you listen.

You can hardly wait until that heartbeat, those images, those kick be in arms.

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