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From Village to Town

this short poem about .how a village has changed to a city...


From Village to City...

Yesterday there was a row of trees along the way.

A flock of fish used to play in the river water.

There was a little village in the middle of the blue sky,

In the cloudless sky they shine brightly.

Birds used to chirp in the morning,

And all the villagers would to wake up at their call.

But now where did the huts go up to the side of the road.

where is the little village,

Where is the fish of that river,

Where is the chirping those birds!

Where is the green field full of grass?

Now there are only factories and houses running around.

Look at all kinds of cars,

There are some flower blooming in the garden,

How the village has changed to city...

© 2021 Dipankar Mondal


Dipankar Mondal (author) from West Bengal, India on April 20, 2021:


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on April 20, 2021:

It is really a change, and this change affects the climate so much. World is changing, we need to change with the world so my people used to say. Brilliant focus.

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