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From The Backside To The Front

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What We Think About But Very Few Times Say

I believe nothing in life is by chance

There is a reason

We may think we have the answer

Only to find out

We were wrong

We may search and wonder

Even to this day

I am not sure why many things in my life have happened

What I do think for certain

It is up to me to find out

Since nobody other than me would have any reason to care

So as I investigate like a real Dick Tracy

Only to be more confused than when I started

I constantly look for clues

I am in search of life as I know it

I will leave no stone unturned

Once and awhile I get a break

Strange coincidences take place

When the unexpected happens

Here is one of those times in full detail

I was at home relaxing

My mind was blank

Not even a thought of what I planned to do next

I even ate breakfast late

My wife called to me two times

Breakfast is ready

I was getting dressed

I could of came out in my pajamas

Instead I insisted on making the bed

My wife was worried my food would be cold

I reassured her it was just fine

Thank you for breakfast

I wasn't even hungry and I should of been

That was unusual since it was almost ten o'clock in the morning

I didn't eat any supper last night

I had a late lunch

My wife went out for a haircut

I just turned on the laptop

The phone rang

It was a friend my wife works with

He has been out sick and was in the hospital

I picked up the phone thinking it might be important

I know he has my wife's cell number

They have talked before

So as we talked he said it was nice to hear from you

I said you must of butt dialed me

Because you called me

We laughed

He said that happens sometimes

I was glad we had this chance to talk

He is a very hard worker and doesn't like to miss one day of work

I know how he feels

I am the same way

After a small conversation

He had to go

I am glad he is feeling better

What a nice topic to consider

I will let you be the detective

Look for clues

Can you find the punch line?

One butt says to another

Lighten up

You look pooped

Really exhausted

Out of gas

You haven't been yourself lately

We have to talk

You hit rock bottom

Take a seat

It is as so you don't care what people think ?

Why are you down in the dumps ?

Life isn't that bad

Learn to turn the other cheek

If your having a bad day

Wipe clean the past and get moving

Nobody likes to be left behind

Then they both crack up

If you began your day with this hub

I guarantee it has to get better

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