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From Samantha Lee

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How to forget, something unseen?
Like a broken vessel, made out of wind

A difference a heart, can not determine
Blood gets darker, than immortal sin

Thirsty, am I, in the river of poisoned wine
Suffocate me and kill me so divine

How to come back, in my own paradise?
When I'm already here, but I don't realize

Make again the harmony, of a thousand cries
That even in the underworld, the music never dies
The venom in my veins , pierced like Eurydice
When the doors are opened, death is my prize
How to dissemble the written destiny ?

If a lad in my bosom, is sleeping gently,
And a spiteful counterpart, to whom I pity
In the nest of affection, are both waiting for me.

Seal my wings and throw the key,
Deep in the abyss, of the forgetful sea
That holds my heart, who wants to be free

The flesh you cut, when you were sorry,
Is an indelibled scar, of this wrong turned story.

No one could access,
in my hidden memory


© 2020 Byeol

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