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From Pain to Life


Go for a walk

Take time to breathe

Depression takes control of the mind

Take a breath and look outside

Depression still sits in the mind

The smile in face and the laughs out loud

Depression still is the feeling in mind

Live and drink with friends at bar

Disclose the feelings that draw you far.

The people with hate toward admission from fear, are nothing better than the dirt in the air.

Depression pulls deeper and deeper but the only way out is think clearer and clearer.

It’s always easy to dig the hole and then make it bigger, but my not climb the ladder and allow the brightness to shiny brighter and brighter.

The context in rhyme allows the date and time to simply shine with you in mind.

It’s a matter of choice and dedication to life

Pull ourselves out and continue the game

Game- life- same thing anyone

Fame, fortune, still depressed anyway.

It’s not the money, the people, the things outside.

It’s you, it’s me, it the mind that we have inside.

Talk a breath

maybe two

now three

Close your eyes and allow the fish to swim in the sea

Your on a Bridge overlooking the jungle

The currents so rapid, the village so humble

Now back to mexico, where the traffic is clear, the food near central and the airport near.

San Diego to LA, the people that come and stay.

Experience the things around with life we have found.

Live life and love, loss is inevitable. Make every moment count and allow the expiration date to the one thing that stops date

Anytime in between then and now.

Let’s take off the frown and show the town

The power of cheer and everyone near. Together we can beat this depression we fear.

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