From One Body to Another

Updated on November 24, 2017

I used to have the bluest eyes before I met you.

I was walking as a child half born into her skin
Half held back in some inner space beyond what any human eye can see
But you pulled the words out of my jaw and forced me to speak
You burned the cigaret holes that turned into dilated pupils
Where there once had only been the eyes of a faey-child.
The cigarette holes that now force me to view the world in black and white.

Before you I was a passer by on this earth,
Just a part of the universe walking through if only for a moment
But you ripped the ticket home from my hands
And severed the ties with the indescribable expanse of universe

That had hidden itself in my skin.

You had taken aim and killed the last frontier of the unknown in your world.

I still dream.

I dream of times where my eyes once again do not see in black and white
And I am able to view the world as the universe playing hide and seek with itself.
I dream of worlds you would know nothing of and I hope you never find
Because your kind kills all they do not understand.

It is your nature to not accept it
but rather to force it into some unnatural form of human recognition.

I am trying to find the fragments of what you killed to this day.
I will search for it until the day my skin falls away
And what is left of me is a shell
Where the universe had once pressed itself like an old note into my ribcage
And wrote its wisdom into my bones.

I have found one other faey-child since then.
He has eyes of brown and green and his pupils are just formed
But I am hoping to change those cigarette holes others had burned into him
Before its too late.
I am nurturing this ghost child

This in-betweener

This universe carrier.

I can still see the awakening of infinite life smoldering in his irises,
I still feel millions of galaxies when his skin is pressed against mine
I can still hear the lonely, echoing call of black holes in the way he speaks
And in how he studies the world.

I know his kind.
I once was what he is still.

I will protect him.
Protect the beauty left inside of him,
I will not let the world change him into black and white boarders.

We all were born as faey-children.
We all once were universe carriers
But now we are only things that recognize labels and limitations
And never dream farther then we can see.

We have all been stripped of our inner eyes
And we all must fight to keep those who still walk with that weight alive.

We must not kill the universe as we see it staring back at us with the eyes of a human.

Do not mistake wandering eyes in classrooms
Or anyone who is different as a reason to label,
To judge,
To hate.

That is God we are looking at

And God looking back.


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