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From Me To You Love


I guess I gotta say this 'fore it's too late

But 'fore that tell your uncles to open the gate

I spoke to mines, I want us to relate

From the beginning I wanted them to clap hands, I mean to congratulate Loving you has built big combination between love and hate

If I eat, it's for sure you've ate

I love you from eight to eight

It's getting deeper nowadays

Since I met you I know how to stand

Ever since you loved me I don't even look back

My eyes so focused on one face

This is what I call real love in the phases

I wanna grow old with you in this life stages

Fuck our past experiences, let's build this up from the lessons
You look good in those outfits and better when you wear a smile of it

I know of the ups and downs but we keep it moving

Getting mad at me to make it up lately

Why I wouldn't appreciate you?

I mean your time, love, together with attention

It's true good things in life are free

But I found myself spoiling you and it ain't free

I do it for the fact that you are valued

I say fuck to the fabricated opinions

We started this from the bottom line

We started it with some wounds and scars

You polished my heart,

It's clean and shinning brighter than my shoes

I love you from what I saw

And not for what I assume you to be

I swear this love is magically provenance

I never thought it'd be like this from scratch

I remember when I wanted to give it up

But you gave me reasons not to quit

And for that I still consider myself as a blessed soul

Even when I had nothing to show off but you saw my potentials

And for that I'm forever grateful
It's been years and you are still driving me crazy

It's been years and I'm still loving the same old you

My eyes are too blind for others

Ever since you came into my life I don't fear the dark side

Cause I know you're always by my side

I love you for the fact that our love is not controlled by friends and family

I love you for the fact that you loved me when no one else does

You picked me up from being a stone into a gold

We never went off a day without a connection

You gave me a chance and I grabbed the opportunity

Your ex still asking for a second chance and that's when I am dead

I swear you'll love me even after earth

Up there in heaven when we turned into angels

And I also love the fact that they still making assumptions

Like, who this dude dating?

I ain't hiding you but I'm protecting our relationship

Let's keep it low-key and private till it's permanent.

© 2021 Dumisani Wiseman Mbatha

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