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From Being Body Shamed To Loving Your Body: A Long Journey To Accepting Yourself

Emee.chan is someone who understands how it feels to be insecure about one's looks and will write about that topic.


In The Long Run...

Our size doesn't matter. You can gain or lose weight, but you can't change the ugliness of one's character or its beauty.

Replacing Body Shaming With Body Praising

Body shape or your mind's state,
Which one do you value the most?
Or the better question is,
Which one SHOULD you value more?

Before, it was thin vs. fat.
Of course, who'd win was obvious.
If a "standard" wasn't met,
You'd never stand a chance.

If you were chubby,
You'd be made fun of,
Even by those who had
A similar "problem".

The thinner the prettier,
But was it healthier?
Obese isn't healthy, well
Neither is anorexic.

Children can be cruel,
But whose responsibility was it
To educate them not to
Judge a book by its cover?

Eventually, children grow up
And become mature.
They learn looks aren't all
One can offer to the world.

Things slowly started changing,
But girls were still body shamed,
Being too "thick" or too "thin".
Is there an end to this nonsense?

We aren't just a body with curves,
With big or small boobs and behinds.
We aren't just blondes and brunettes,
Or any other hair color.

We don't have to have a perfect tan,
Clear skin and no stretch marks.
We don't need to be "perfect"
For every occasion.

We aren't furniture that needs
To have measures you want
In order to fit in your room.
We won't put up with that kind of attitude.

We're not trophies, although
We should be treated like gold.
We are priceless and certainly not
An expensive item bought at an auction.

We are our intellect, our ambition.
We can be just as successful as any
Average man out there and even better.
We are capable HUMAN BEINGS.

We have so many dreams,
We're creative and full of ideas.
We're not just a pretty doll sitting
And waiting for a man to come along.

We don't owe anything to the industry,
Society or whoever, but they owe those
Young girls the time they could've spend
Without ridicule or judgement.

Thankfully, times are changing.
Our confidence is being restored.
We are no longer agreeing politely,
No longer afraid to be heard.

Hopefully, our daughters won't have to
Come home from school in tears,
Crying about being teased for their looks.
One day, we'll witness a change.

Don't poison her young and hopeful mind.

Don't poison her young and hopeful mind.


She Will Be Victorious!

Instead of body shaming, there should be body loving.

Teach your daughters how to appreciate the way they look and that good looks aren't ALL they have to offer. There is so much more.

Education is more important than obsessing over your size or comparing yourself to models, singers, actresses, etc. They too are under pressure, although to us it may not seem like it.

Knowledge is power. When you're a capable woman who knows her worth and is aware of her abilities, she won't worry about trivial things.

When results of her hard work are more than obvious, she'll be unstoppable. Her appearance will be the last thing people notice about her.

Rachel Platten- Fight Song (Official Video)

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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