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Bleak, But Beautiful!

An engineer-to-be trying to find solace and solitude in writing.


I hear a grumble, deep and loud
In the blink of an eye, it vanishes the crowd.
A sound so deafening, and Oh! so scary,
My thoughts are pacing, and mind's all wary.

My eyes seem lost amidst those massive inky clouds,
Clouds so majestic, they almost seem proud.
They're lethal to look at, yet I stand still, lured
In search of that voice, whose face appears mured.

My intent gaze is now disturbed,
By a tiny driblet that I keenly observe.
A tear, could it be, or a drop of his soul,
White is the progeny, of a cloud dark as coal.

A drizzle then, now a downpour,
Accompanied by the occasional roar.
The raindrops seem to be, in despair,
Eager to get away from the monster's scare.

The sky looks spiteful, with vengeance everywhere,
Engulfed by rain, there's no space for air.
Bolts of light, pave their way,
But they soon do fade, and refuse to stay.

Shrieks of anguish, in due time, subside.
The clouds are now dry, having enough cried.
All that's left behind is a pleasant aftermath,
Thanks to a calm breeze, that soaked up the wrath.

The sky now looks like a coy, pretty bride
Draped in a zephyr, and in azure, dyed.
Dripped in the rousing fragrance of petrichor,
No man can possibly resist her allure.

My reverie is deranged, by a distant honk,
Faint lights appear, and so does the flock.
Earth breathes again, birds fly in search of grain,
There sure is ecstasy, beyond all throbbing pain.

© 2020 Priya Dinesh

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