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Friendships Are Better in “Twos”

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

1. He was the only

One in the big

Compound running here and

There to do things

2. No one can stand

In twos except by

Some magical powers but

He does not have such

3. While doing things alone

He grew tired one

Day because he made

An error in judgment

4. Decided to look for

A companion, a good

Friend but could not

Readily find a soul

5. He found group of

People for there he

Hopes he would find

That one, his companion


6. His school of thought

Seem to be different

From those people he

Gets himself acquainted with

7. When he talks of

Tails they will be

Talking about head, or

‘Bout other body parts

8. What should be spent

Hours on they would

Spend days on with

No head way through

9. He thought of pulling

Out but on a

Second thought decides to

Stay a little longer

10. Being isolated may not

Give him the opportunity

Of seeing a like

Minded one like him

11. A person soon joined

The group and on

Closer examination discovers to

Be different from others

12. He starts to develop

Rapport with him by

And by their relationship

Transcends the surface level

13. Two can’t walk except

On agreement they ‘ve

Agreed and things have

Started changing for them

14. Now understand he the

Difference between group of

People and someone of

Like-mind, passion ‘n’ feeling

15. Things that would take

Days to accomplish are

Accomplished within hours now

No stagnancy any more

16. Rapid growth, development, ease

Of minds, peace like

Flowing river that’s beyond

Description he now enjoys


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