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Friendships That Are Not That


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Solitude Is Sometimes an Unrecognized Blessing

Solitude Is Sometimes an Unrecognized Blessing

The word "friend" is a label anyone can try on. You decide who is best suited to wear it.

-- Carlos Wallace


To discover a true alter-ego in a friend may be just as hard as to find a true love -- and maybe that's why we keep experimenting in both areas, the outcome almost depending on sheer luck. More often than not, we run into those who don't qualify -- while with friends we may not be particularly choosy.

Probably, unlike with our final choice of a love-mate, we won't have to see them daily, and those few personality traits that we share seem to be enough. But then, as those things that make us sharply different start speaking much louder than those that we have in common, it growingly becomes a nuisance.

In the following three pieces of my prose in rhymes I am trying to touch those very moments of realization how we are just wasting time calling someone a friend. (someone who might also be a relative).

Solitude That Nourishes and Heals

There was that time during my early start

when friends were scarce by a crazy fate

loneliness sat heavy on my friendly heart

and yet a blessing with nothing to regret.

Wandering in this world with no compass and map

I met many characters from novels and stages

drawn to me by chance or some weird mishap

a colorful gallery of faces of all different ages.

Apparently friendly -- at least by their pose

with a passing smile measured in a dose

or empty bottle that would bring us close

but not a type for poem, more for prose.

So when I got a clue what was going on

it was like myself being in that room only

and then I quietly wished to be left alone

maybe to end up feeling much less lonely.

At other occasions compliment would come

before I discovered some cosmetic pretenses

as he would turn nothing but shallow and dumb

didn't need much more to get back to my senses.

So again, it was like me in that room only

while I quietly wished to be left alone

maybe to end up feeling less lonely.

Those times are gone, and yet I can't lie and pretend

for there are still times when that past would return

when in the middle of hosting some good friend

reluctant to face it, but being forced to learn.

Yes, it feels like myself at my home only

while I'm secretly wishing to be left alone

maybe to end up feeling much less lonely.

Those are moments we've got to face

when we need time for a quiet reflection

and our own company no one can replace

with just a wrong time for a friendly connection.

Some Friends You Only Get to See When They Need a Shoulder to Cry On

Some Friends You Only Get to See When They Need a Shoulder to Cry On

A frenemy can be more destructive than an enemy.

-- Angel Moreira

Only a Friend When Needed

Today you are that welcome guest

as if you are finally allowed your turn

but don't call tomorrow not to be a pest

maybe time has come for a lesson to learn.

Seasonal friend, like a disposable tissue

serves purpose, to be promptly dropped

after relieving someone's personal issue

before it even started, a friendship stops.

Like a tossed and still burning cigarette butt

and swearing never again to be a naiive fool

but that's something you so oftentimes forgot

for, here you go again -- flunking at that school.

Now you may try harder to stick to that heart

as if proving to yourself how you're worth more

but again everything turns out not to be so smart

for nothing is happening that didn't happen before.

Serving as emotional disposal bin

with all others left outside at the curb

that call like depending on roulette spin

otherwise it's just that sign: "Do Not Disturb".

Well, call yourself an orange, or apple, or pear

but always be patient for your season to come

in the meantime pretend that you don't care

as long as you can see it as a little dumb.

Shine with a genuine golden heart, not with a business egotistic sparkle.

-- Angelica Hopes

Peacocks Are Naturally Beautiful. Imitating Them Is Unnaturally Ugly -- Especially When Done by Friends

Peacocks Are Naturally Beautiful. Imitating Them Is Unnaturally Ugly -- Especially When Done by Friends

Friend Looking Down on You

In this world of shameless greed

with values holding a second place

the last thing that you may ever need

is a friend with whom you have to race.

Advantage hidden in a friendly smile

with a look no need to mention

as if she's going an extra mile

by giving you attention.

When friendship is based on conditions

setting for itself some high price tagging

we shouldn't feed such friend's ambition

by playing an underdog with tail wagging.

Humbleness, a wrong trait

without an intention to compete

only helping friend's ego to inflate

making her upper hand game sweeter.

Using you as mirror of her higher status

snobbish in her dumb egocentric mission

looking at your success as at pitiful hiatus

always in a mood for un-sporty competition.

High-nosed people live and die lonely

with no relationship honest and true

using others as their audience only

but they don't have to include you.

© 2020 Val Karas


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on December 08, 2020:

Some friendships come and go for various reasons, and a few are shared for a lifetime. The latter ones are indeed special!

Val Karas (author) from Canada on December 08, 2020:

Thank you, Vanita, I am glad you liked the poems.

Vanita Thakkar on December 07, 2020:

Nice ones, Val - straight and simple. I loved all the quotes - and the pictures with quotes. Thanks for sharing.

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