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Poems and Discussion: 'Friendship', Inspired by a Single Word Prompt

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Ann loves to write poetry and stories. Current poetry on Nature, Travel & beyond, including varied poetic structures.

Pen Friends?

Garden Sculpture in Perth, Western Australia

Garden Sculpture in Perth, Western Australia


Another welcome word prompt from Brenda, this time 'Friendship', has inspired me to some poetry and further discussion.

We all need friends. True friends last forever, they forgive our weaknesses, even our unkindness. A true friend doesn’t ask why, but accepts us at face value, helpful, understanding and steadfast.

Friends come from all walks of life, at all ages. We might have many acquaintances but usually only a few close friends. Friendship is special. Friendship lasts. Friendship saves. Sometimes new-found friendships can be the deepest.

When you need someone to talk to, a friend is there. When you need a companion in silence, a friend is there. When you need to grieve but cannot face an empty space, a friend is there.

Not only do we need to feel friendship, but we need to give it. It’s a two-way process. ‘Will you be my friend?’ speaks volumes. You need someone to trust, someone to listen, someone to talk and laugh with, someone to cry with – and you need to be able to give that back whenever the other asks.

Nature in Friendship

Another angle of friendship is our attitude to nature. In friendship, we look after it, we are guardians for the future, we nurture, tend and encourage it. No destruction, no thoughtlessness, no abuse. No extinction, no barren land, no pollution; no unkindness, be it to plants, creatures, land or sea. For without our friendship, there will be no protection offered, no future for us. If we pay no heed to nature, it will not listen to us. There has to be a mutual flow. Only in friendship and in trust can we co-exist. That two-way process is vital.

The Nature of Friendship

Friendship is offered all around.

Blackbird sings ‘good morning!’,

opens the day with a song to the soul,

the fresh world his as he claims his right.

His friendship helps my heart fly.

Robin chirps ‘Hello!’

and sits on my spade, ready for worms,

then ‘thanks!’ as she swoops, grabs food for her brood.

Her friendship makes me smile.

Crow caws her displeasure,

warning the seagull to leave me alone

as I inhale the salty airs on expansive sand.

Her friendship is close-feathered.

Bee gives of his all,

spreading the pollen from colours to hive,

to yield sweet honey as his colony thrives.

His friendship nourishes my soul.

Perfumed-colour blossom

morphs to watering fruit, food for birds

and grateful human, juice dripping from chin.

Its friendship brightens my world.

Willow bends her compliance,

dancing in the wind; Oak stands solid,

canopy embracing the woods, scalloped leaves,

Their friendship wraps me in love.

Human stretches wide

the hand of friendship to yet unknowns,

maybe to foes in hope of enlightened times.

Friend from childhood,

from school or village community,

deep, lasting, as one, a soul-mate’s found.

From afar, arms open wide,

picking up conversations from the past,

feeling no loss of time between our words.

Friends across the world wide welcome,

though rarely physically face to face,

yet of one mind and wondrous understanding.

Unfathomable friendship,

born of a closeness, nurtured by time,

lasting centuries, remaining within us into eternity.

Embrace it! Be thankful,

as it saves our very existence.

Return it an hundred-fold, that will save our souls.

The Nature of Friendship

is within the earth herself.

Thank You

Friends past, present and future,

never-fading, constant, sturdy oaks.

Family friends, relatives or invited in,

embraced by all of us, treasured folk.

There is no burden, no doubt, no deed

too hard to share, no sense of borne yoke.

Freely given and happily accepted,

Our friendship is cherished, lasting, bespoke.

Thank you to all those friends, near and far,

who help me to live, all brave hearts, shining stars.

I strive to equal your generosity.

My Cuddly Teddy Bear Friend of nearly 70 years!

Teddy (a little thread bare) with his cuddly Guide Dog Friend

Teddy (a little thread bare) with his cuddly Guide Dog Friend

Best Friends Forever!

Children are encouraged by the 'Best Friends Forever' idea. They like to have a token that shows they adopt the concept. Ok, so it was just a commercial best-seller, but so what? It worked!

To me, it's like the heart cut in two, each part worn on a necklace, to symbolise shared friendship or love, or identical rings worn by friends; or some other shared token. The wedding ring is the most obvious example of true, dedicated friendship and devotion. I believe that the most important part of a marriage, or committed relationship, is friendship.

We should encourage friendship as we educate our children. Indeed, it is done in primary schools everywhere I think, or it certainly should be. What concept better shows the idea of love, help, understanding and trust? If we start with education, then we are made for life.

Have a look around you, evaluate your nearest and dearest, your friends from varied walks of life, and value what you have! They might just save your life.

Sibling Friends

Little Boy with Two Big Sisters!

Little Boy with Two Big Sisters!

© 2021 Ann Carr

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