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Friendship Poem, Reflection with Bible Passage

I have written a lot of inspirational writing. I even received an award from Associated Content writing site for "Most Inspirational Writer.

"EveryDay Comfort"

The book inspired the poem.

The book inspired the poem.

Poem about Friendship Renewal with Reflection and Bible passage

It is time to renew our friendship

it never really died

it was just left in limbo


season to season

for a reason

for safekeeping


all heartache

has been washed away

and our lonely

aching hearts

have become

one again

as our friendship

and sisterhood become one


Reflection and Bible passage:

For the last couple of years, a special friend of mine has come to understand who her most trustworthy friend has always been. She knows I was always and still am her best friend through it all. Circumstances happened years ago that confused her heart and led her astray from our friendship. Sure she loved me like a sister she rarely saw, and when we were together, it felt distant. All the old confusion has been washed away, and no forgiveness is necessary to ask for because love never fails. I also hurt her years ago, unintentionally, due to my getting married. I had so much responsibility with my new husband and caring for his mother that I forgot to nurture my best friend. She thought she was not important enough to me anymore. We both had our eyes opened due to tragedies in our lives. We found we ran to each other, needing our best friend that our hearts needed to repair any doubts once and for all. Love is unconditional. God uplifted us and helped us remember how much we meant to each other.

Bible Passage to ponder upon.-Wounds from a friend can be trusted.-from Proverbs 27.6, this passage is all about trusting friendship. Friendships can be so bold that they open up our deepest fears that need to be said to clear the air. This comes from a book of comfort another friend gave me after my late husband was killed on a motorcycle. “Everyday Comfort” by Rebecca Currington and Patricia Mitchell is a spiritual refreshment for women book.

I will write more about this spiritual refreshment book in the future that helps me to this day every time I pick it up. God bless everyone reading this poem, reflection, Bible passage, and hopefully inspirational thoughts.

© 2022 Linda Kaaz