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True Meaning of Friendship

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I believe that a mind is a powerful tool a human has and one should sharpen it by constant use.

True Friends

True Friends

Island where I found YOU

I came to this lonely island
Island to find not just anyone
Anyone who is genuine
Genuine by nature

I came to this serene place
Place where there is no race
Race by skin, religion, doesn't matter
Matter most in friendship doesn't totter

I came to this beautiful spot
Spot your bottle like a jackpot
Jackpot among billion strangers
Strangers before, now I call you "Friend"

I came to this inhabited lonely island
Island no more, there's You who stand
Stand against my mourning clips
Clips with you are called FRIENDSHIP

I came to this lonely no more place
Place where I found you like an ACE
Ace in my heart due to your words
Words that comfort me more than cards

Now, you are leaving this island
An island that I can reminisce you
You will always be my true good friend
A friend that I will cherish for eternity

Hey, wherever you may go
Please remember me in all you do
Time passes so fast like speed of light
A friend like you will always be remembered in my sight

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