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Friends and Family Lose Their Way


Things get so out of frame,

Wasted time extremely lame.

Worst encounters end with grief,

Knowing not signs of relief.

Gather thoughts stuck in your head,

Focus on what’s being said,

Be alert and stand your grounds,

But never hide the real sounds.


Sounds of longing to be heard,

Sounds of needing to be firm.

Never fight over silly stuff.

Life is known to be so tough.

The sorry word is not hard to use.

Try it when or not you choose.

Can it hurt to be a little giving?

Out of your element type of living?


Friends or family lose their way.

Bring them back from yesterday.

Perfect not our Moms and Dads.

Neither are the kids they had.

Don’t be misguided friends of mine.

As rumors fly time after time.

Settle on what truly matters.

Feelings get forever sadder.


It takes two to get along,

Just as anything gone wrong,

Think of good things you shared,

And every time you really cared.

A family torn, hurts everyone.

Look and see what it has done.

Love them as you wish to be.

Try it again, “Will you, please?”

© 2019 Diana L Pierce


Diana L Pierce (author) from Potter County, Pa. on February 16, 2019:

Thank you, John. It hurts to see people you love not get along.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on February 16, 2019:

There is a great message here, Diana. It would be nice if the term “happy families” was always the face, but sadly it isn’t. I hope whatever inspired this poem is sorted out and everything gets back to normal. Very good rhyme in this poem.

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