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Friends Who Changed Our Life

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The Words May Never Be Said Until It's Too Late

Someone who comes into your life unexpected

Through odd circumstances or chain of events

Nobody could ever predict or control

The once in a lifetime meeting

Develops in a few short years to something so much more

Even though different backgrounds and age differences

The relationship still seems to flourish

If it is early in the morning and we run into each other food shopping

A quick drive bye in passing

A Christmas wish and a Happy New Year

There will always be fond memories

Invited to a summer barbeque and a bonfire

Out to eat at a local hot spot

Better yet good old home cooking

That no money can buy

Only to find out years later

That once again things will change

Your moving to a new home

Starting a new beginning

Wishing you a world of love

We will always remember your beautiful home

As a huge home tucked off in the corner

Behind the trees and leading to miles and miles of wonderful woods

Your large windows that take the sun in from every direction

Most of all

As a loving couple

Mike and Gayle

That sold us our land

So we could have an incredible start

To build our own dream home

In this lovely place in Berwick, Maine

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