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Friends Like a Needle


Life is a trip. Learning from the past mistakes and breaking the cycle to make change is the ONLY way for succession in anything.

Addiction can take over everything

I know that we haven't talked for awhile,
But I heard some shit that made me dial,
Randy was my homie and you know that,
But it didn't stop you from shooting that gat,
We all knew each other since pre school,
It's only been recently you've been acting a fool,
Slinging and slamming creates problems,
You see an easy answer but you never solve them,
I miss the days when everything feltalright,
But now demons surround you, keep your fight,
Remember skating down Lincoln Elemethentary?
Those were the days that felt great and ordinary,
Blaze, listen to Slipknot, and skate all over town,
Now things are complicated and I barely see you around,
I miss the times when our minds didn't care,
Now we walk passed each other and don't even glare,
It's like the passed years didn't even matter,
Now our minds and lives are just shattered,
Like the glass pipes that start good and than break,
Things got so bad I would much rather be in a lake,
I know shit happens and life goes by,
But I still stare up into the sky and ask god why,
Shit has changed and all has been put to an end,
So I must ask you, why did you kill our friend?


© 2018 Tommy Hall

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