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"Friends"- Ishita Bose


This word is a inlet to a whole new world, but when that same friendship evolves into a so called family feeling then it becomes an emotion.

Two strangers meeting in a classroom,

Meekly starting a conversation,

We both were standing on the crossroad hesitating to start this new journey,

But who knew where this road would lead us.

Soon we became acquainted,

And as days passed and seasons changed,

Every summer is followed by a winter,

And so our journey came to a halt.

But some people are just meant to be in your life,

And so we meet again on another crossroad,

And this time the beginning of this journey was fine,

And finally our acquaintance changed into sweet friendship.

Our interests and tastes were so alike,

And so was our way of thinking,

We did have some ups and downs,

But we returned back to each other.

And so it all started without giving us any hint,

But now we need no explanation,

Cause our friendship has exceeded that phase,

Its has evolved into a family like feeling; and our relationship gives me nothing short of sheer ecstasy.

Ishita Bose.

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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