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Friendly love

I am who I am. I write poetry and paint really badly. Please be patient.

Our meeting was pretty ordinary

What follows was on the contrary.

We became friends due to circumstance,

Yet will never get a chance.

You are not as young as i

Though I feel I should try still.

No! it can’t work; age is just a number

Yet numbers always count in the end.

My feelings are weak for now

But I fear they may grow and tow

My heart, yet I would not dare act,

Unable to handle rejection from your care.

Ruining our friendship is no good

Feelings are hopefully just misunderstood.

Yet I still feel when you send a message

To my heart when all is bent.

Age is a horrible factor

For feelings that don’t matter.

Close friends we remain

For it will only cause me pain.

© 2019 Wendy Engela

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