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Friday Up And Away

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What Do I Expect

Most people in my work dread Fridays

In the restaurant business

Friday is one of the busiest days of the week

I treat it as any other day

As I go into work

I plan on having a good, smooth day at the job

If it turns out different than that

Then I handle it as it comes up

There all types of things that can and do happen

We run short handed and have to make it work

Other times we are so busy

We hardly find time to breathe

I keep telling myself one more hour

Then before I know it my day is half way through

Then I get excited because the bulk of my day is behind me

Managers are happy because they are making the company money

They end up with quarterly bonuses when meet their goals

They tell employees it is about time we got some business

They down play everything

No matter how busy it gets

They remind us why we get paid

They sometimes even put pressure on us

To make sure things get out fast

Which is impossible

More orders take a longer time to do

I keep a very steady pace

Doing what I do at all times

I work very good independently or as a team player

Keeping on my toes when a rush comes

If something goes wrong

I try to fix the problem as soon as possible

I have experience under my belt

Learning to handle all kinds of the unexpected

The funny part is when the day is over

It is one big blur

Tomorrow is another day

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