Freud's Hidden Meaning of Daydreams and Actuality

Updated on February 7, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

In the land between fantastical dreams and reality

Narratives where reasonable people are involved in the insane

And ridiculous moments they wouldn't have any part of in real life

Taking part in a Maury episode as a campy guest star

Trapped in a parody type of plot twist only Hollywood created

Hard to understand what the narrative represented

Was it the medicine or a deeper anxiety not explored?

Cannot determined the root cause of the bizarre Predator subplot either

Except no action movies before bedtime anymore

Focus on comedies and talk show reruns to fall asleep to

Dreams show how we can become our part and worst selves subconsciously

Without intended to bring any of that stuff to the surface

Found a greater conflict than any superhero movie villain

Could garner without even trying to cause global destruction

A quiet battle set on a low simmering boil on the stove

Struggle between idealized daytime wishes with everyday life

Being able to be your truest of identities on a fixed income of sorts

Not retired, just being fiscally responsible to the point of penny-pinching

Dreamt of having a 3 year old mini me that was soothing and frightening all at once

Loved kids but didn't know how to apply in a micro managed environment

Where everything was controlled and relatively orderly

Unsure of how to handle any messes or imperfections of any kind

Also told once by a doctor that my genes too flawed to ever have a child

Would be considered a blessing to not reproduce then to go through with it

Dream dashed out of fear and a healthy dose of selfishness

Too much of an emotional knot to even think about another life

Have to get things straight before taking any drastic steps

Don't want to shut the door on any decision, but opportunity and desire fading

Faster than the sand in Days of Our Lives' hourglass

Focused on getting through life one millimeter at a time

One white New Balance shoe in front of the other

Just not tripping over any untied shoelaces

Hand-eye coordination important part of getting through this conundrum of an existence

At least, until the next dream runs rampant.


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