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"A Dream"- Ishita Bose


I saw a dream,

Where the moon slowly leaned,

Into the burning engulf on the sun,

As they slowly kissed,

Though the moon burnt,

And the sun unaffected ,

The love was totally pure,

Yet one had to deal with obstacles in its heaven,

While the other remained unchanged,

Oh! How much did the moon love the sun,

Too much it seemed,

Since she was ready to burn in the heat each day,

She knew her consequences,

But her love was too deep,

Two opposite worlds,

With nothing in common between,

It was beautiful yet threatening,

Questioning the very existence of the moon,

The moon was slowly being engulfed,

It was so scary,

Is it a dream or nightmare?,

I cannot escape this world,

I have fallen into it too deep,

If it is bad then why does it feel so good,

The moon did not care,

And soon she became one with the sun,

She was elated and her heart pounded inside the sun now,

But she failed to notice an important detail,

The fact that there were so many other moons losing themselves in the sun too.

Ishita Bose.

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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