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Fresh Wind Blowing.

A Fresh Wind Blowing

A Fresh Wind Blowing

As I sit at my window a soft fresh breeze is flowing in, a gently sweet touch from mother nature in the form of refreshing wind.

The fluffy clouds float in the high sky, moving together in sync all white.

All going one place one after the other, some even merge and make a bigger cloud together.

The gradients of blue are in the sky, like a painted sky canvas that hangs up high.

A light blue mixed with a darker blue that's bold, and hues of white covers the ends makes itself known.

So much clarity so much flair, high in the sky and from fresh wind that's caressing my face.

Mother Nature"s elements all work together nurturing, refreshing and birthing mother nature has no time to harm you, she is just doing what she does best making all things grow and move just to show you.

Flowing and growing freely with care, its mother nature elements everywhere.

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