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Fresh Tree Fell

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Deborah Ibiwoye and her dog

Deborah Ibiwoye and her dog

She loves pets very much and has for that bought two dogs for herself to be her

Companion. She is always happy when she returns home from work and sees the dogs

Playing with each other. On seeing her the dogs will start playing with her. She has

Always been surrounded by those dogs. One day one of the dogs took ill, she was not

Comfortable with what she was seeing the dog passing through when she returns from her

Place of work. The dog has been playing with her in the morning before she left for office

It was quite appalling that she has now returned to meet a dour dog that could barely leave

Its position. The agony the dog is passing through makes her sick too but at that hour of the

Day there is nothing she could do, because all the veterinary hospitals in the islands would

Have closed. She does not know the phone number of any of the veterinary doctors maybe

She would have placed a call across to one of them to come and give her dog home services

Which she knows would attract other charges but this she was willing to do for her dog, but

She does not know the phone details of any of the doctors. She was psychologically down

And was telling herself that such mistakes she will not let happen again, immediately the day

Breaks and she takes it to hospital the first thing she will ask from the doctors is their phone

Numbers in case of emergency like this. The psychological trauma that she passes through

Seeing the animal she loves in pain could only be imagined that night. When the day breaks

She could barely wait for the time that the veterinary hospitals will open before getting to the

Place as she calls her superior in the office to take permission from the office that it may

Take her a while before she will come to office at all, if she will be there that day. The doctor

On seeing the dog, placed it on drugs and admitted it that day. After the treatment and it was

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Was discharged it was placed on drugs. During the time that this dog was being treated

In the hospital the second dog too was not happy back home as it was expecting the second

Dog back home. After the dog has been discharged home, she notices that it has not fully

Recover because it is still showing some unwanted signs of lethargy, which was not

Common with it before it takes ill. She called the doctor to explain the situation to him and

She told her that she should expect that for a while till it finishes its drugs, for some of the

Negative effects of the drugs is lethargy. While attending to the dog, one day when she

Returned home from work she was surprised with what she saw which was the death of the

Healthy dog. This dog has not shown any signs of weakness nor any form of sickness prior

Its demise. She was sad, she cried and cried for the death of this dog. She continues to

Think about the incident that happened to the healthy dog while the sick dog was still

Recuperating. Then she remembers the sage’s saying that sometimes when one thinks that

A dry tree would be the one that would be blown off by the wind, such may not happen

It may be the fresh tree that would be blown off as it has happened to one of her dogs. The

Healthy dog has died, while the sick dog has been spared by the angel of death. that is what

Also happens to humans, for a person who is not sick, and who regularly goes to the

Clinic for his checkup would end up dead while a person who is battling with a sickness

Or another would be alive. This happens to one of her parents too, her mother who regularly

Goes to the hospital died suddenly while her father who has been on drugs since her

Childhood days was spared by angels of death. She kept wondering. Life is a mystery. Until

Humans see life as a mystery we may not enjoy life to the fullest. What we should be doing is

Continuing to do our best as we leave the rest unto the Supreme Being. Week after the

Demise of the dog, the sick dog recovers…


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