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Fresh Nascence

Oluwatobiloba is an undergraduate of the University of Lagos and a lover of poetry


Fresh Nascence

I have no past,
I lost it,
To my soul's deliverer,
Nailed to a cross.

I hardly knew I was there,
I hardly knew I died with Him.
Only that I didn't die to death,
I died to me,
I died to my self,
To live in Him.

I died to be birthed again,
I died to start afresh,
I died that I may not die,
I died that I may live for Him,
And with Him,
And he alone,
And reign with Him forever.

Death has lost its cold grip on me,
I now live to live,
It's a new birth, a fresh nascence.

© 2019 Odunlami Oluwatobiloba Grace

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