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Frequent See's, A Line

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Musically painting an image only to bee seen [bye] my eyes, mind,

Please me, remind, [me] of a time, in life, when everything was right,

No strife, no plyte, all was alright, searching further, lost into the void, night, alive,

Trying, to find, before, death, waves dark, weigh up high,

Max, five, based, lie,

Ground level, at the shovel, hell is in trouble, ears look into my eyes,

Side by side,

Filled with what we find,

From the left all the way to the write,

Spelt outloud, spoken inside,

I am fine.. I am fine...

Gain, control, drive...

Add it up, 2 more, to eternity, all is divine,

Interventions lessons, love em', yours & mine,

Grow, shine.. look to the light, and you will find, love, illuminating future, bright,

Growth, sprite,


Free, 2, B, line,

C, see.. one 2 three... inside joke four you from me, I'm trying...


What I'm finding,

Patterns meld like a molten weld, meanings disguising, everything,

Lost what I mean,

In this writing,

Well ...back to work, as a perk, debts draining,

Owed knows, complicating, navigating,

Steer this damn thing...

Words a story, reading shouldn't bee boring, wind from red word is roaring...

goodnight head, bed is, snoring,


surely, all is pouring, held captured, captivating, systems go, disk wish, memory's storing,

Important things.. things 1 & things too, just like you, and truthfully, just like me...