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Freestyle Haiku

I am a creative who loves to create endless and timely literature and share it with the world. I live, love & yearn creativity.

Freestyle Haiku Written on Tuesday November 26, 2019 Happy readings. Enjoy.

The love in your eyes (5)

fills up the empty void in my heart (9)

sending rapid shock (5)

waves to spread all over my body. (9)

Instantly your name (5)

appears on my body, I surrender, (10)

I surrender to (5)

your hypnotic cologne and warmth smile. (9)

As you have captured (5)

my essence and innocence making me, (10)

wanting me, and needing to sing nothing else (11)

but your love. Your love (5)

is ingrained in my brain all through out the day, (11)

I lay on pink clouds (5)

and I say to myself "This feels like I'm up in heaven". (14)

As I look up, up (5)

right into your eyes I see a love that is divine (13)

to be mine, yes mine (5)

and only mine from the vine, we make wine. (10)

In Conclusion of this Haiku

This Haiku was inspired by my lust for love, fantasy and fairy tales. I can not help that I am a woman who is still a girl trapped in her fantasies. By the way this haiku is not in its traditional standards it starts at 5,9,5-5,10,5-11,5,11-5,14,5-and 13,5,10 at the end of the Haiku.



Love – Fantasy or REAL?

Love – Fantasy or REAL?

© 2019 Renee Daniella Smith