Freeman Rhymes (2015-2016)

Updated on December 27, 2017

It can be a lot more effective to accomplish what is needed to accomplish with the minimum effort. Watch Anthony Hopkins. He doesn't appear to be doing anything. He is so still that you cannot see him working, but you are drawn into his character through his stillness.

— Morgan Freeman

Ted 2

JOHNs finally single.
But he cannot mingle.
With Ted, his best buddy.
His buddy is getting married.
Soon after she wants kids.
But Ted can't have any kids.
John agrees to help him find sperm.
He decides to give his sperm.
But his sperm has no effect.
They agree to make an attempt.
An attempt to adopt.
But suddenly they stop.
Later, it comes out.
Ted's status brings doubt.
Massachusetts authorities.
Declare Ted's property.
His accounts have no money.
His marriage is even decaying.
They take the state to court.
But end up losing in court.
They then contact PATRICK.
An attorney that is well respected.
He reluctantly takes the case.
After seeing Ted's display.
His display of his emotions.
Along with John's selflessness.
Patrick gets the ruling reversed.
He remarries his wife and makes it work.

Morgan Freeman
Marc Whalberg
Seth McFarlane

London Has Fallen

Olympus is back up and running.
The staff gets invited to London.
But the occasion is unusual.
The invitations for a funeral.
A funeral of a world leader.
They invited more than ASHER.
As they planned to attend.
MIKE has chosen again.
Chosen to lead security.
But he has thoughts of resigning.
To take care of his family.
His wife's also expecting.
As they reach London early.
They see the authorities.
Preparing for the event.
Blind to know that terrorists.
Terrorists are in disguise.
Planning to attack and take lives.
As they pay their respects.
There's an organized attack.
Killing most of the world leaders.
But asher stays in the picture.
Sees the events happening.
Thinking it was impossible.
Happy that they've succeeded.
Then proceeds to complete it.
Banning and Asher survive.
At the Whitehouse.
ALLAN TRUMBULL figures it out.
When Barkawi sends him a video.
Broadcasting it so the world will know.
Trumbull learns who's in control.
Then advises his staff to go.
To go out and save lives.
While Banning leads asher inside.
Inside an underground tunnel.
With power failure it's impossible.
Impossible for them to be reached.
Trumbull has a meeting.
He and his staffs discussing.
Discussing a strategy.
Then gets a message from banning.
He contacts authorities.
Creating an effective strategy.
Trumbull contacts Asher.
Revealing that Barkawi is after.
After them for killing.
Killing off his family.
Asher's later held hostage.
Banning's in pursuit to stop it.
Facing mass casualties.
But he ends up reaching.
Rescuing the president.
Killing the inside forces.
Banning goes back to his family.
While Trumbull kills Barkawi.

Morgan Freeman
Allan Trumbell
Gerard Butler
Mike Banning
Alon Moni
Aamir Barkawi
Aaron Eckhart
President Asher

Morgan Freeman (1980-Present)

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