Freeman Rhymes (2007-2011)

Updated on December 22, 2017

A life of make believe amounts to nothing. When you do somethinf that challenges your reality you get good results

— Morgan Freeman


WESLEY GIBSON works in an office.
With a boss that's always yelling.
He takes meds for panic attacks.
His girlfriend cheats behind his back.
He finds out that his father's an assassin.
He also finds that his dad's being hunted.
Hunted by a killer named CROSS.
But his dad's too smooth to get caught.
But eventually, he is.
Gibson's informed by a friend.
That Cross is now hunting him.
Wesley panics and runs from him.
He flips in his in a car.
Escaping but Cross is not far.
Meanwhile, he finds the friends name.
Her name is FOX. She was sent to save.
Sent to save Wesley from being killed.
Wesley meets SLOAN and he reveals.
That his panic attacks are not really real.
They grant him superpowers.
Sloan tells him that he's really no coward.
Wesley rejects it all and goes to work.
He is still being annoyed at work.
But this time he stands up.
That power within him says it's enough.
Fox awaits him outside.
He gets in and they ride.
They ride to the building they were in.
Wesley starts being trained to be an assassin.
He under Fox's leadership.
Learning firearm marksmanship.
He's hurt, bruised. Badly abused.
But wakes the next day looking new.
He starts to excel.
Finding ways to always prevail.
He finds out about the Loom of fate.
Finding all those that will create.
Those that will create evil.
Sloan is the one responsible.
Sloan interprets the machine's code.
Wesley then starts to show.
Starts showing that he's an assassin.
He goes and fulfills missions.
Then meets Cross suddenly.
While Sloan orders Fox to kill Wesley.
Cross shoots Wesley in his shoulder.
He later finds that Cross.
Is the father that he never thought.
So the bad guy was Sloan.
Wesley discovered a room at his dads home.
Wesley discloses Sloan's deception.
Then kills Sloan and focuses on living.

Morgan Freeman
James McAvoy
Wesley Gibson
Angelina Jolie

The Dark Night

Criminals take money from a bank.
Then escape the bank.
Escaping on a school bus.
Blending in with the school rush.
Meanwhile, BRUCE WAYNE.
Teams up to make a change.
He teams up with city officials.
Develops a plan to catch the criminals.
Bruce believes he doesn't need Batman.
But finds that he does need Batman.
Meanwhile, other bank robbers.
Hold a video conference.
With their corrupt accountant.
Who took the money for safekeeping.
THE JOKER walks in.
He warns them that their friend.
Will be tracked by Batman.
They laugh until they see it.
The Joker makes them regret it.
He kills their leader and takes control.
Then demand that Batman show.
Shows his true ID.
Or he'd continue the killing.
Batman goes to LUCIOUS FOX.
Hoping he will make it stop.
Fox creates a sonar device.
He reluctantly creates the device.
To find the Joker.
Batman apprehends the Joker.

Morgan Freeman
Luscious Fox
Christian Bale
Batman/Bruce Wayne
Heath Ledger
The Joker


For 27 years a great man was in jail.
It was great when he was released.
It took him multiple years to get settling in.
He decided to run to be the South African President.
He was elected to be the president.
He Faced enormous challenges.
Crime and Poverty were rampant.
There was racial division.
Among black and white South Africans.
He feared it will lead to violence.
He wanted a way to fight it.
The animosity the groups had.
Did not make Mandela glad.
But he still went on with his duties.
He appeared at a game of rugby.
He hears the black people cheering.
But the cheers were not for their country.
He later meets the Sports Committee.
Discussing how he wants victory.
Wanting their team to win the world cup.
Feeling it will help end whats going rough.
A win will unite the nation.
A win will inspire the nation.
MANDELA shares a poem called INVICTUS.
That poem inspired him in prison.
So the team trained to win.
But many South Africans.
Doubt that it will work.
Its been too long that this nation's been hurt.
They feel it' s become a way of life.
Mandela stands strong that it will unite.
The players begin interacting with fans.
Mandela feels it will go as planned.
During the opening games.
The black race started to change.
Those that hated begin to abort.
The country decided to support.
Supporting the rugby team.
The change even affected security.
The guards started showing more respect.
Mandela smiles as he watches.
His smile grows larger when the team wins.
They defy all expectations.
They fight all the way to the end.
They battle their rival New Zealand.
They end the matchup victorious.
Mandela is very happy.
His succeeded in uniting.
The nation. It is glorious.
Mandela hears the voice in INVICTUS.

Morgan Freeman
Nelson Mandela


FRANK MOSES retired from the CIA.
He retired and decided to move away.
Move away to the city of Cleveland.
He keeps contact with the administration.
One night his home is raided.
He's almost killed by those that raided.
But he wipes them all out.
But he also finds out.
That they have tapped his phone.
While they invaded his home.
Frank finds they are targetting him.
Then goes to associates to help him.
He travels to Louisiana.
Meeting up with JOE soon after.
Joe tells him about the squad.
They are known as the murdering squad.
They murdered a New York reporter.
They investigate the murder.
They find a hit list.
Then find out a secret mission.
Was formed to clean a village.
Frank is later shot.
But he finds out the plot.
Joe extracts the team.
He gets another on the team.
The file shows the next clue.
Frank knows what he has to do.
They find the target of extraction.
That target killed civilians.
Frank yells to the FBI.
Telling them about this guy.
The Vice President is shady.
Joe walks out pretending.
Pretending to be Frank.
Joe's killed but frank escapes.
He and his team get the victory.
He then starts living life normally.

Morgan Freeman
Bruce Willis
Julian McMahon
Vice President

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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