Freeman Rhymes (2006-2007)

Updated on December 21, 2017

Learning how to be still, to be really Still and let life happen-That stillness becomes radiance.

— Morgan Freeman

The Boss

Lucky Number Slevin

Two Men are murdered.
But no one has seen their killers.
On another side of town another.
Is shot and killed by a sniper.
Then in a bus terminal.
A young kid is suddenly approached.
Approached by GOODKAT who tells a story.
But he surely will not like the ending.
The story is about a kid named MAX.
Max borrowed money to make a bet.
Borrowed money from the mob.
He bet on a horse that never did his job.
Goodkat was one of the mob workers.
Posing as a disabled storyteller.
Max had no clue he was a killer.
Goodkat kills Max entire family.
He then kills the boy that hears the story.
Meanwhile, In New York City.
SLEVIN KELVERA is kidnapped by two bookies.
They take him to THE BOSS.
He then hears from the boss.
That he must replace a debt he lost.
But he doesn't know that Slevin is his man.
Meanwhile, Slevin sees that his friend.
His friend set him up for this one.
The Boss wants him to kill off the son.
The son of the Rival the RABBI.
Thinking that it was the Rabbi.
That killed off his son.
Slevin reluctantly agrees that he'd get it done.
He's later kidnapped again.
This time it is Jewish friends.
Then taken to the RABBI.
Who also thinks that he's another guy.
After a brief discussion.
Slevin is no longer reluctant.
He agrees with the killing.
Seeing that Goodkat's doing the planning.
He then finds that he was really set him up.
Slevin and Goodkat team up.
The boss and rabbi later wake up.
Later wake up in a penthouse.
More truth really comes out.
Years later, Slevin finds out.
That his friend owed much money.
The boss and rabbi stole his ID.
Slevin later kills them.
Then lives his life in pure freedom.

Morgan Freeman
The Boss
Josh Hartnette
Slevin Kelevera
Bruce Willis

10 items or less

Jack Doyle

Gone baby Gone

PATRICK KENZIE of the Boston police.
Witness a plea on live TV.
A desperate plea by a mother.
Asking for the return of her missing daughter.
She was abducted with her favorite doll.
Patrick and his wife take on the job.
The job of finding the girl.
But first, they experience the underworld.
Patrick discovers the mother has a past.
He finds information in her past.
As he goes forward he finds more clues.
He also finds that the mother was a drug mule.
Her mother and her mate at the time.
Patrick and his wife went to find.
Went to find the other drug mule.
But they found him consumed.
Patrick and Angie his wife.
Find help and clues to save the girls life.
They meet JACK DOYLE who reveals.
A transcript of a major drug deal.
A drug deal involving the girls' exchange.
In the midst, the girl may have drifted away.
All they found was her doll.
Doyle takes the fall.
He takes the fall of the girl's death.
He retires due to the mishap.
Patricks then questioned by the cops.
He later finds that someone he never thought.
He never thought may have the child.
He discovers that the child.
The child is at Jack Doyle's place.
Doyle helped set up the fake.
The fake exchange to throw Patrick off.
He finds out that the girl was never really lost.
Doyle informs him that the girls better.
With him because of her mother.
Her mother neglected her own daughter.
Jack thought it was best to take her.
Patrick leaves and discusses with Angie.
He's shocked to hear from Angie.
That he will be alone.
If he calls the cops and sends her home.
He calls and she leaves.
But regrets his actions see.
Sees that the girl is better off.
Better off with Jack and her mom is lost.

Carter Chambers

The Bucket List

CARTER CHAMBERS is a blue-collar mechanic.
EDWARD COLE is a billionaire philanthropist.
They both meet up in the hospital.
Cole finds out that he's diagnosed.
Diagnosed with a case of lung cancer.
They are told they must share a room.
Edward's reluctant to be in the same room.
Carter complains he looks half dead.
But during the time they become friends.
After they get their treatments.
Carter reveals who he really is.
He wanted to teach history to kids.
His family reminds him that he can't stop.
So he settles to work in a body shop.
But Carter is still smart.
He proves to Edward that's he's smart.
That alone is a great start.
Edward changes his heart.
Carter is writing his bucket list.
Edward has no clue about it.
ButCarter discards the list.
He feels he won't have time fulfill it.
Meanwhile, Edward finds it.
He convinces Carter to do it.
Edward agrees to be apart of it.
He offers to finance it.
Despite his wife's protest he agrees.
They first go skydiving.
They fly over Santa's place.
France and India know of their face.
They ride motorbikes in China.
They stop to see lions in Tanzania.
They later visit Nepal.
Then they talk life overall.
Carter reveals the pain in his life.
Edwards reveals the pain in his life.
Carter's falling out of love with his wife.
Edward wants to make things right.
To make things right with his daughter.
Who disowns him for his behavior.
But really, he helped her.
By pushing away the guy that beat her.
Carter reveals that it's not him.
She must make things right with him.
Carter then sees his own truth.
He loves his wife and decides to do.
Decides to go back home.
Hoping Ed's family re-joins his throne.
Ed finds out and storms off.
Carter has a seizure and is carted off.
Carted off to the hospital.
He stabilizes and Ed visits him.
Carter insists Ed finishes the list.
He dies during an operation.
The news is given to his family.
While Ed finds himself reconnecting.
Reconnecting with his daughter.
She accepts and shows his grand-daughter.
She apologizes. Ed lives many years.
Because he helped a stranger defeat his fears.

Morgan Freeman
Carter Chambers
Jack Nicolson
Edward Cole

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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