Freeman RHYMES (2000-2005)

Updated on December 16, 2017

I don't want Black History Month. Black History is American History

— Morgan Freeman

Nurse Betty

Was a well-known waitress.
That was married to a car salesman.
She's unaware of his intentions.
Shes in the dark about his behavior.
She doesn't know he's a drug dealer.
Her husband is a slob.
To make it worse, he does it on the job.
Two men come by her house.
They approach her asking about.
Asking about some hidden drugs.
She sees the men kill the one she loves.
Betty then enters a depressed state.
She changes her ID through the day.
Later on that evening.
She meets police examining.
Examining the crime scene.
Betty prepares to leave.
She seems to not know of the murder.
The police still question her.
They take in the station.
She's seen by a psychiatrist.
She spends the night with a friend.
Through the night she then gets in.
She gets in that car with the drugs.
She stops in that car with the drugs.
She makes up some bogus story.
While the two men are pursuing.
Pursuing the car for the drugs.
But one of the men is falling in Love.
Falling in Love with Betty.
That man name is CHARLIE.
WESLEY notices he's getting soft.
Betty looks for her long lost.
She looks for her ex-fiance.
She looks for a Job with no resume.
She doesn't even have creditability.
But ends up hired at a pharmacy.
She becomes friends with Rosie.
But she finds that her story.
Is not really adding up.
Betty feels she's trying to mess up.
Tries damaging what she has.
Rosie feels it won't last.
Because it really is not real.
But it is made to be real.
GEORGE begins falling for her.
He sees her as a new character.
She becomes NURSE BETTY.
She snaps out of the fantasy.
She finds out the truth.
Then storms out and tells the truth.
Tells the truth about her husband.
Then approach by two men.
A standoff eventually happens.
The men end up dying.
Betty's jobs become permanent.
She pursues her career in nursing.

Along came a Spider

ALEX CROSS works for forensics.
He is a detective on a sting operation.
Resulting in the death of his partner.
He forces himself to become an author.
Choosing a role that's more relaxed.
But he finds himself going back.
Going back to find MEGAN.
Megan was suddenly taken.
Taken right out of her class.
Her kidnapper wore no mask.
It was her teacher GARY.
There was a breach in security.
JEZZIE FLANIGAN takes the blame.
She joins Cross to regain.
Regain the missing child.
Gary calls about the child.
Informing him of the first clues.
Which is only a pair of shoes?
Revealing that he's the kidnapper.
He is the guy they are going after.
Gary won't stop at Megan.
Next, he kidnaps a Russian.
Turns out, that kid. .
Is the son of a president.
The president of Russia.
Gary then demands a ransom.
It seems he had it all planned.
He could've taken any kids.
But his obsession with a known criminal.
Made him want to be a better criminal.
He wanted to be rich.
He made sure demands were public.
Scattered it all over the city.
Mankind was in the activity.
Cross gets on a metro train.
Gary doesn't know he is on the train.
Meanwhile, Gary attempts to get away.
But meets Cross and along the way.
Cross ends up killing him.
Cross still doesn't think it's over.
He realizes that someone discovered.
Discovered Gary long before started.
He tracked them and rescues Megan.

The Sum of All fears

A Jet carrying a Nuclear Weapon.
Is shot down and no knows who did it.
For years since they were searching.
But finds a bomb that may lead to it.
A huge bomb buried in a field.
The one that found it makes a deal.
Makes a deal with an arms trafficker.
Who recognizes the bomb as nuclear.
That nuclear weapon bounced around.
But it soon settled down.
Two workers for the C.I.A.
Decide to go towards the way.
Towards there the bomb maybe.
They examine a facility.
One named JACK The other named WILL
They find the facility isn't filled.
Will sends more to investigate.
Tracking down those missing from the place.
After tracking them down, will suspects.
That something they are building in secret.
Whatever it is it's nuclear.
& it will not be traced back here.
Meanwhile, Will warns the president.
That a bomb will be detonated.
The president finds shelter.
But sees the city destroyed soon after.
Radiation floods the city.
They find a man that's dying.
They knew he was one of the founders.
Before death, he reveals the attacker.

High Crimes

A couple finds their life in California.
Shattered when one of them is captured.
Captured by the FBI.
For a crime that they thought would die.
The wife finds some information.
Information about her husband.
She's more shocked to discover.
That her husband is a military officer.
He later comes clean.
He admits his presence at a scene.
A scene of mass murders.
But he emphasizes he's no killer.
He feels he's being framed.
Framed by MAJOR JAMES.
His wife chooses a lawyer.
She hires someone familiar.
CHARLIE GRIMES is an attorney.
He has a grudge against the military.
Grimes immediately finds.
Those witnesses mysteriously died.
Grimes finds that superiors.
Has been treated like non-leaders.
Grimes comes in and cleans it.
She gets back her loving husband.

Million Dollar Baby

A waitress in Missouri.
Is interested in Boxing.
She is told she's too old.
But EDDIE DUPRIS says no.
They call Eddie Scrap on.
He encourages her to go on.
He takes time out to train her.
She shows she's ready for a manager.
Eddie just watches her grow.
He was there for her after every blow.
She trains up against the best.
Strong through her bumps and bruises.
She earns her way to the top.
With little intentions to stop.
Those that rejected her, now respect her.
She even buys her mother.
She buys her mom a home.
But she finds discouragement at home
She gets an infection in her leg.
They end up cutting her leg.
She eventually dies.
Scrap is there to remind.
Remind Frankie's daughter.
That her dad was surely a winner.


SAM is a blind pianist.
Who shows a human he's worth it.
He takes him under his wing.
Puts him in his home where he learns things.
First, he shows his family.
Showing him how it feels to be free.
He helps out Sam around the house.
Sam gets him out of the house.
He shows him what life looks like.
He slowly sees the new lease on life.
He learns how to play the piano.
Sam enjoys seeing him grow.
Same finds out who he really is.
He realizes how he used to live.
He also sees he that he loves the piano.
Sam takes the boy far away.
Adopting the boy to stay.

An Unfinished Life

MITCH lives on a ranch.
Trying to save the lives on their ranch.
From a wild bear calf.
His friend attempts to kill the calf.
After that failed attempt.
He sees his daughter and her kid.
Mitch sees her too.
They sleep the night through.
The next day. Mitch gets his medicine.
He later has a conversation.
A conversation with the kid.
Telling the story of what happened.
He later lets it go free.
It goes to the place it's supposed to be.

Nurse Betty
Along Came A Spider
Alex Cross
The Sum of all Fears
William "Will" Cabot
High Crimes
Charlie Grimes
Million Dollar Baby
An Unfinished Life

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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