Freeman RHYMES (2012-2014)

Updated on December 24, 2017

The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit

— Morgan Freeman

The Dark Night Rises (2012)

It's been eight long years.
BATMAN has disappeared.
Feeling guilty about those that died.
Feeling there will never be organized crime.
Never be in Gotham City.
The police in Gotham City.
Has been given more control.
The department knows.
Knows of the crimes committed.
Claiming batman is the one that did it.
Meanwhile, BRUCE WAYNE.
Is feeling agony and pain.
His company's losing profits.
After ending his act for fusion.
He learned it could be a weapon.
A burglar gets his fingerprints.
After some wild events.
Batman comes out of seclusion.
BANE of the league of shadows.
Gets the prints and decides to go.
To the business account.
Bane wipes it all out.
Bane is tracked by Batman.
Which is all apart of Bane's plan?
Bane reveals his intentions.
Stealing all from Wayne Enterprises.
Including armor from LUCIUS FOX.
Bane informs him that he won't stop.
They engage in a fight.
Which almost ends batman's life.
But instead, it breaks his back.
He takes Batman to a pack.
A pack of inmates in a prison.
That have dreams of one day escaping.
But the dreams just stay dreams.
But a blind man tells a story.
A story of the one that did.
That one was a kid.
Bane traps Gotham police.
He rages the city.
He gets the doctor.
To weaponize the reactor.
Making it an atomic bomb.
Fox knows a way handle the bomb.
He has to get it from the city.
Batman's jet can surely carry.
But Batman can only fly it.
He can save himself with autopilot.
Batman fights to get out the prison.
He escapes and Bane can't believe it.
Soon after Bane gets killed.
But still at large is the evil.
There are much more events.
Before the Batman gets.
He gets the bomb over the ocean.
The city watches the atomic explosion.
They mourn because he sacrificed.
Came back and gave his life.
But in the end, Fox sees.
That Bruce is alive indeed.

Morgan Freeman
Lucius Fox
Christian Bale
Batman/Bruce Wayne
Tom Hardy

Olympus has Fallen (2013)

MIKE BANNING leads the secret service.
His experience lets you know he's worth it.
Always sure the presidents protected.
Always striving for perfection.
BENJAMIN ASHER and his family.
Are together on a Christmas evening.
On their way to a fundraiser.
When they experience strange behavior.
The driver loses control.
With no help from the icy roads.
Along with the snow falling.
Asher sees his wife dying.
He and Banner survive.
But that pushes him to resign.
Banning feels guilty.
He goes to work for the treasury.
Asher's still the commander.
He meets with the prime minister.
Prime Minister of South Korea.
But it results in the capture.
In the capture of the white house.
KANG gets cameras in the white house.
Asher's held hostage.
The Prime minister's executed.
On live video.
So the white house staff will know.
Forcing Banning out of retirement.
Meanwhile, Kang forces Asher.
To give his forces an order.
Asher does what he asks.
While Banning is on track.
On track to save him.
He contacts ALLAN to reach him.
Allans the speaker of the house.
Now acting president of the house.
He gives the authorization.
He reduces the terrorists.
He convinces the acting president.
To order an assault but Kang noticed.
So he activates the Hydra 6.
To go and stop it.
Banning discovers the system.
Advising Trumbull to use his wisdom.
To abort the mission.
But it's too late to stop the mission.
But he disables Kang's communications.
Then proceeds to save the president.
Killing Kang and all his men.
Trumbull helps Banning put it to an end.

Morgan Freeman
Allan Trumbell
Gerard Butler
Mike Banning
Rick Yune

Oblivion (2013)

Sixty years after battling aliens.
The earth was so devastated.
Humanity thought it was best to move.
They all packed up and went to another moon.
A moon in Saturn called Titan.
Who is draining the Earth's oceans?
Draining them for power.
To feed their generators.
Look out for alien scavengers.
He had dreams and visions.
Of being in a tall Building.
Alone with a woman.
He then gets more curious.
Victoria wonders why.
Questioning if he let die.
Let die his abilities.
Will they operate effectively?
Aliens destroy the generator.
While Jack Discovers.
That the Aliens are in New York.
Using the building in New York.
The Empire State Building.
Using its antenna to transmit.
Transmit coordinates to outer space.
It's too much. So he takes a break.
But watches a crash landing.
Of a spacecraft called the Odyssey.
He feels the ship contains aliens.
But later finds that it is humans.
One is from his vision.
Jack later recovers.
Information about scavengers.
Aliens invaded the ship.
They took survivors from the ship.
MALCOLM BEECH leads them all.
He wants Jack to carry all.
All of the nuclear cells.
Jack reluctantly prevails.
He then escapes in his ship.
But drones shoot down his ship.
He escapes seconds after.
In a zone that's not radioactive.
He finds that he's been cloned.
He kills it and then goes.
Goes to its creators base.
Finding the clone did devastate.
Beech reveals it all.
The clone tried killing them all.
The clone looked to be winning.
But Jack ends up killing.
He ends up killing them all.
Recovering from his fall.

Morgan Freeman
Malcolm Beech
Tom Cruise
Jack Harper
Andrea Riseborough

The Lego Movie ( 2014)

In Legoland, they are all friends.
But an evil Lord finds a weapon.
VITRUVIUS tries stopping him.
But business robots blind him.
Before they depart.
Vitruvius starts.
Starts prophesying that a person.
Will find the weapon they've stolen.
A few yrs after this incident.
A worker named EMMET.
Finds a woman crying.
As she cries she's searching.
Meanwhile, Emmet falls.
He finds what's been hidden all.
All these years. He wants to touch it.
Instead, he sees visions.
Causing him to pass out.
He wakes with the prize.
Attached to his backside.
In custody of LORD BUSINESS.
A friend rescues Emmet.
Emmet goes to the old west.
He meets with Vitruvius.
Vitruvius informs him.
That building is built by him.
Anything that he can imagine.
Who opposes Business.
Business wants to use the weapon.
To freeze the world into perfection.
Instead, he's disappointed.
He finds the builders, not Emmet.
Meanwhile, Vitruvius
Recalls a vision.
Of a human diety.
While he is evading.
Evading the cop forces.
They flee to a place that's hidden.
A place where the minifigures.
Can create any of their desires.
To attend a council of builders.
They don't see Emmet as a fighter.
Unknowingly, Emmet is tracked.
The bad cop's forces attack.
Capturing all except Emmet.
He plans to infiltrate Business.
To disarm the weapon.
It's a risk that is worth taking.
He fights until the end.
Sacrificing to save his friends

Morgan Freeman
Chris Pratt
Will Ferell
Lord Business
The Magic of Belle Isle
Monte Wilhorn
Now you See Me
Thadeus Bradley
Las Vegas
Archie Clayton
Joseph Tagger
Dr. Professor Sam Norman
Dolphin Tale 2
Dr. Cameron McCarthy

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