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Freedom of a Celebrity

The author is trying to stay true to her emotions and wants free to write the truth.


It started with,

You got this

get your coat

it's time for the show,

It was supposed to be all fine

Everyone is so nice to me,

Loving this fame,

tho going to the airport is a difficult task,

Ended up being,

You got this

get your fake face mask ,

it's time for the show,

No to privacy

Respect -forget it

Need Haters, just breathe

freedom of expressing your true emotions is a joke,

The comment section that was filled with roses,

is full of hate comments,

people don't love me anymore when I am myself,

"Go die"

reads the last comment,

crying at a 12 floured building's terrace,

feels more comfortable and free,

the tears feel joyful and pure

altogether it feels true.

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