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Freedom From Covid-19

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her write up.

The Backdrop

It’s a very nice feeling to scribble something. I am writing a poem after a long time. Once the link is broken from the things you used to do, then it takes time to come back.

Brenda Arledge, a talented poetess, author, and a dear friend, gives us word prompt every week to bring up the creativity within us. This week, she has chosen the word “Freedom”.

We all on this planet Earth are fighting with the pandemic covid-19 from a longtime and it is still not ending. This deadly virus hit my door too. It took us almost a month to recover. By Allah’s Grace and mercy, we all are fine now.

Like me do you want to see this world covid free? Then join me in the poem.

Hope Brenda and all my hubber friends like it.


Freedom From Covid-19

Waiting to hear the day,

When there will be zero covid cases.

Everyone will walk on streets fearlessly,

Without wearing mask scarily.

Waiting to hear the day,

When people fly to their homelands unworriedly,

No more PCR test,

No long quarantines,

No stress of getting stucked at one place,

Comeback to work happily.

Waiting to hear the day,

When recession ends,

Unemployment diminishes,

Redundant get the jobs,

Freshers have the opportunities too.

Waiting to hear the day,

When screentime vanishes,

And kids go back to school.

Childhood is enjoyed merrily.

Parents live them carefree.

Waiting to hear the day,

When sanitizers are not required frequently,

And social distancing is not mandatory,

We go back to our old normal,

and not new normal.

Waiting to hear the day,

When we go to each other’s home habitually,

And we meet our loved ones,

without sanitizing and masking.

Waiting to hear the day,

When we don’t fear cough and cold,

When coronavirus leaves this earth for forever,

And the pandemic ceases.

© 2021 Rozlin

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