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Freedom Discussed In Poetry

Transforming into NatureBoy I wrote in verse what I wanted to achieve, now I share it to reveal what being Reborn scripturally require.

My Proposal

I want to be your lover and desire you as mine
but not to be each other's puppet nor control their mind.
I want to be your friend to last all our life
but not me a henpecked husband nor you a rooster-spurred wife.
I want to love you with a love true, one that makes you free,
so your friends can enjoy you and mine can enjoy me.
I want to know I'm in your heart when you aren't around,
that it's said with love when you say to me be not found.
I want your love to be so real you'll not say it's only for me,
that it be so when we're with someone else there'll be no jealousy.
I want not to rule your life nor for you to rule me,
my joy is all I ask and the same I ask for thee.
So if you'll love me this way, this way that I love you,
with our loving each other free we'll know our love is true!

Lost From Reality

Man are blinded by the glitter of their creations,
made deaf by the words you need it,
made weak by its constant use,
and are drunkards by their want for more.

Man create to appeal to the lust of the eye
thinking not of the long-range effects,
caring only that they must have it,
and to get it will make themselves slaves.

Man will advertise it to provoke a need,
give value to it where there is none,
they make it of such great social importance
they often feel belittled when they have it not.

Man are encouraged to use it everyday
though for centuries they have not had it,
yet it makes easy something they always do
while weakening their natural abilities to do it.

Because it appeals to man's lusting eye,
has been valued for social dignity,
makes easy something they have always done
they will put true needs aside only to get it.

Freedom's Deception

How are man free who are devoted to spouses,
binding themselves with the care of houses,
restricting themselves by the clothing they wear
and claim turf they refuse to share?

Who is free who explore not the unknown,
refuse to leave the area where they have grown,
accept another's teachings as to what is true
and another's legislating what they're to do?

Who is free without mental agility,
bending their minds accepting pressures that be,
standing fully erect when pressures are gone
and find contentment in being alone?

How is a land free when food has to be bought,
neglect yourself for others you are taught,
support not the state you're less than man
and be willing to die in defense of land?

Who is free who cling to right and fight wrong,
abhor the weak and praise the strong,
travel the roads most often trod
and rejects a devil for a god?

Essay On Slavery

Man who hate are slaves
to a fight to remove their foes
driven by the want of revenge
on what only their Karma knows.

Man who love are slaves
to the maintenance of things adored
trapping themselves with commitments
to the things to which they're bestowed.

Man who love with hate are free
to accept and reject all things equally
for that which is is that it is
and they are content to let things be.

Man who are free are slaves
to evading the traps that bind
by being afraid of losing their freedom
their liberty they leave behind.

Man who are are slaves
to an enslaving choice of their own
except those who love with hate
leaving what's not destiny alone.

Your Choice

I see hate in the face of so many man
because of the rule of another's hand
but it is true that few ever realize
its what they choose while in the skies.

Before your physical form you chose your fate,
your parents you chose, to be born early or late;
the land to which you've come, the color of your skin,
the teachings received and financial shape you're in.

All those things, and more, you chose before your birth,
they're plans you made before entering the earth.
So why do you cry about your ruling one
when you made the choice for you to overcome?

You knew before birth the way things would be,
the way the material minded man wants you to see.
You knew before birth to overcome would be hard
because they'd teach a new path as your life start.

But you see not the road signs you set along the way
since the ease of the new path makes you want to stay.
So blindly you are going down life's road
while the anguish of materialism makes heavy your load.
The hate held in your heart adds to the sorrow
by realize your center you'll be free before tomorrow.

Now, look for the road signs and see what they mean,
loose the hold on materialism, no longer cling
to family, friends, country nor things given great value
so what is left to defend is the body that's also you.
So hate not the man you have allowed to lead
and free your center, be led by it, be led indeed.

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