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Free Verse Dramatic Love Poetry

I have been writing poetry for twenty years. Best poems and poets of 2004 International Library of Congress.Google/AdSense, Hubpages Author

You hold the key to my heart that beat. Untold beauty like the start of poetry. You allow me to release my Love so people know of me. Thank you for helping me reach my potential. Speach extending from my soul. Now,I can show the world.

You hold the key to my heart that beat. Untold beauty like the start of poetry. You allow me to release my Love so people know of me. Thank you for helping me reach my potential. Speach extending from my soul. Now,I can show the world.


Irish Princess

I have been searching,

everywhere and over.

For a certain princess,

pure like a four leaf clover!

Beautiful curly blonde hair,

with light green eyes like an Anjou pair.

Luscious lips sweet as white grapes,

with curves like a banana to give shape.

Hips that can shake,

trembling the ground like an earthquake!

Smart and sophisticated,

with the family always participating.

Cinderella's feet,

with puffy pink Ms. piggy Cheeks.

Loyal with values,

always speaks her mind.

A cherished princess,

that is only mine.

She loves adventure,

willing to try things like an inventor.

Together forever,

no matter the harsh weather.

It is our endeavor!

Peeled Alive

My heart has been peeled alive.

Little sweetness is left,

that was sealed like an orange inside.

People can discriminate and lie.

In reality, they are jealous,

never coming close to such rhyme.

Especially, the beauty,

that captivate the eyes.

When, using all my heart,

in every line to infatuate you guys.

Through the process,

my pride take a dive onto paper.

There is nowhere for it to hide,

so I let it ride like a jet in the sky.

Perfectly aligning words,

like missiles in order going by!

Classical Romantic Music

Heartbreak Ridge

The sunset sets,

gradually cooling my heart.

Like a mountain top

melting ice too part.

Years now apart,

I regain definition to my heart.

A projection of loves visual art.


My only pain,

is not to caress your face.

Making me forget,

the craving of loves real taste.

Every day, you're with me, my soul;

The remedy to anything life may hold!

Sleeping Beauty

One magical sunny day,

a princess lay beside me dreaming away.

Running my fingers through her curly hair,

a cool breeze whispers through the air.

Battering her eyes,

an angel awakes,

smiling with pink rose cheeks,

driving in the stake!

Home away from home

Every moonlight,

that makes me feel alone,

I dream of you like Selena.

So, it will never matter,

like Metallica,

anywhere you may Roam.

Inside my heart,

will forever be your home!

Lips of angel

Your touch be the fabrics of a rose,

soft and delicate running through the soul.

Your lips hold a cool morning breeze,

sending a chill throughout the body,

weakening any mans knees.

I miss you so much!

Like a rose,

needing the sun as a clutch.

You are my flower,

in the center of my heart.

The color fades slowly,

anytime we are apart.

The wholes left behind,

are like a sponge in number and depth.

Even Romeo has not tasted,

the amount of tears wept!

Cruel Intentions

I remember the first time we locked eyes.

Butterflies danced doing the Tango inside.

I never knew such beauty was alive.

It casted a love spell infatuating at anytime,

a lingering beauty sewn into my mind.

She entered the room in slow motion,

like a dove glide with such peaceful grace.

As she passed by I am embraced,

with a taste of Love Potion Number Nine.

It sent a drastic decline in my defenses,

as my heart began to tremble,

like a weak rattling fence in the wind.

" Excuse Miss my name is Ryan," I said.

I would love to get to know you,

so how about a date around 8?

She smiled an everlasting mile,

said okay handsome, be here and don't be late!

Next day, I yawn, slowly awake.

I take in the newspaper,

as the plot begins to shape.

Seems death forgot about our date.

How ridiculously rude and cruel of fate!

Cruel Intentions II

Inside my heart is a switch,

when I flick it on it design rhymes,

any place I am at any given time.

Inside my soul is a candle,

with an Aries wick always lit,

so any pen I handle Is toying with fire.

It reacted to paper with haste,

setting a mind into a mind boggling pace,

etching my name as one of the greatest to shape.

Like Achilles' at Troy's gates.

You can send out Hector,

still, there is nothing you can do to change fate!

Until, I am destroyed or death loom,

my heart is a flower, that will continue to bloom.

God allowed me twice,

to escape so called doom.

My speed exceeds the speed of light.

I write like a bolt of lightening strike. BOOM!

Cruel Intentions III

My Purpose is to design on blank lines,

twisting a readers tongue with poetic rhyme.

A rare breed gone extinct,

so as you read I seriously wouldn't blink,

as the beauty pour out as ink and sink.

Colorful rhymes, that dry like wet concrete,

resting to be remembered another day.

So, take heed to the words I say,

I am a cornerstone of Poetry today!

Choose a topic If you May,

without delay I'll configure a way!

As a predator, I prey, then pray three times a day.

I have the appetite,

of a caged Lion what can I say?

So, at any chance I may strike,

like the slice of Achilles's sword.

Fate: By Cruel Intentions

The smell was absolutely distinct,

his Brut aftershave just away from the sink.

His fingers smug my face with ink,

from an oily car part residue so I didn't dare to blink.

No running water,

to wash his hands in the sink.

Just priceless love,

nothing but a soul could buy or think of.

Sometimes, I drift away,

sinking into the deepest part of my brain.

Just to be in sync,

with those cherished past times.

Remembering and visualizing,

one the greatest Grandfather's alive.

Guardian Angel

One dark night,

my father watch from the heavenly lights,

as his son is tossed in the sky in complete fright!

I soared like an Eagle,

dodging Grim Reaper's blade,

he caught me swooping in midair,

laying me to the ground safely; Saved.

Opening my eyes confused,

I felt almost reborn; new.

If my mind can recollect,

God holds my fathers soul from a bike wreck.

The sacrifice,

allowing his son to live and write,

becoming one of the best at his craft.

If I had dramatically died,

just as my princess was supposed to arrive,

surely this would not be the aftermath in time!


I know of this beautiful rose.

Her elegance is natural I suppose.

She is special like the Arizona sky.

For inside her magical eyes,

you can visualize the sunset rise.

Her roots run ever so deep,

helping her Grandson stand firm,

through all pain that drop me to a knee.

For without her wisdom,

defeat may have held my heart prison.

Never allowing my beautiful art,

to make its incision with precision.



Forming a storm,

the heart and mind Sync.

I grab my pen and look,

for paper so that they may link.

My first instinct is to just let it go.

Like the Nike symbol,

I just do what I know.


Breeze the clouds by in the sky my savior.

Once more,

shall I soak in the warm sun rays.

Twice, shall I gaze upon the Meadows ever so wide.

Thankful for your gift of being alive.

I appreciate your sacrifice,

allowing us to live and die.


Heartbreak Ridge II

I can recall the agony and pain.

Rain stained the cold November days,

tears amassed and replayed all day.

Days upon in putting me into a daze,

leaving my body drained and heart strained,

from ludicrous accusations driving my mind insane!

Like a reality show blown out of proportion,

this person tried to distort the truth and facts,

to see how I would react from extortion!

Trying to take the Greatest Treasure that be.

A princess that will always belong to me,

regardless of the lies and adversity around thee.

Billy the Kid

My pen is always close to hand,

like Billy the kid in case of stubborn man.

A cult of words evolve into an army.

Ready for my signal,

in case something tries to harm me.

They fly with perfect harmony.

So, if you like,

I can recite your name when I write.

I'll make you famous,

so, people remember you by sight!

Makings of a Poet

When my mind designs a thought,

it swirls like a meteor pace in space,

awaiting the day to strike the world.

When the depths of my soul open up,

my hearts shine blind the eyes,

like a beautiful pearl inside a clam.

My love is pure and plain to see,

with a white doves grace for eternity,

placing my name in poetry, eternally!

My eyes hold a majestic sunrise,

that only the seagulls see rise.

Very far out in the sea under the sky.

A place where human beings don't reside.


Any scientist could study my brain,

to realize my thoughts surf on different waves.

The results turn into,

a Shakespeare play in a way.

My mind paints images so to say.

With a perfect mix of such love and pain.

Plain to see like the African plains.

When thoughts soar from my heart,

they wear a cape in case of perfect art.

A diamond

I wish to hold you tight.

Close to my heart,

so you might sink in.

There is no telling,

what life may bring.

You are so special and rare,

like a sunset in Rome nothing compare.

You are the truth,

so everything is a dare.

Men simply stare,

while you walk without a care.

Baby blue eyes,

with a Anjou pear coconut derriere.

Intoxicating any man's mind.

A diamond always on the grind!



© 2018 Ryan Christopher Beitler

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