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Free to Choose

The man said, “Hey rich man you know you owe me!”
The owner said, “Why would you say such a thing?”
The man said, “I saw you in church the other day”
The owner said, “It’s for everyone’s soul that I pray”

The man said, “Is that all you can spare?
Something that might never happen?
What about loving your neighbor?”
The owner said, “My name is Caesar”

The earth bleeding
The oceans rising
The skies burning
While the sun sets
Upon a horizon of dreams

The man said, “How can I feed my children?”
The owner said, “Get another job”
The man said, “You’ll just starve another man’s kid”
The owner said, “Nobody has to take what I give”

The man said, “You act like you’re doing us a favor”
The owner said, “No, it’s your right to choose”
The man said, “But you pay and treat us like slaves”
The owner said, “I just own it, I’m not the one who saves”

My mind seething
My life surviving
My heart yearning
While my love forgets
Like a drifter of no means

The man said, “I wish I could sleep like you do”
The owner said, “I have to worry about my business”
The man said, “What about the people you employ?
The owner said, “They can plant their own fruits to enjoy”

A world for the living
A memory for the dying
A cross for the believing
While a weary man rests
Wondering if hope is as it seems

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