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Free in My Soul


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

No Greater Joy Than One Coming from a Liberated Soul

No Greater Joy Than One Coming from a Liberated Soul

To find yourself, think for yourself.

-- Socrates

World is an illusion, like blue sky which is just a dark infinity colored by sunrays' reflection from atmosphere. So, I don't really "know" the world, those billions of different individuals -- but only that bunch of the loudest mouths falsely representing them with arrogance, deception, manipulation, greed, and thirst for power. Those who give a bad name to homo sapiens, obsessed with animalistic struggle over the excess of the means of survival; those belonging to the Darwinian model of "surviving of the fittest" which lowers them on the evolutional scale to a level of bestial ruthlessness just dressed in corporate imperialism.

Refined instinct of my spirituality strips them of any importance and relevance to my intimate reality. I live, I love, I thrive, despite that "world" out there -- genuinely free in my soul, and the next two pieces are my shared literary expressions of it.

Happy Despite the World

Celebrating life with each and every dear breath

along with my freedom so clownish and sweet

not thinking of illnesses, not thinking of death

living this life that's wondrous and complete.

I laugh at politics that imposing whore

at all dubious authorities parading around

with brainwashers that I despise to their core

and every scary demon that I beat to the ground.

For who are they at all to stand in my way

to thwart this momentum of my joyous flight

I shake them off my wings and continue to play

with a sovereign pride that makes me feel so right.

Despite all that misery and self-inflicted pain

despite their trying to somehow make me join

I don't mind if my path is going against the grain

I let them have all riches, quite happy with my coin.

On the clear night I may see a bright star fall

not really caring if it's perhaps my lucky star

it's never been mercy of heavens that I call

it's this faith in me--no matter how bizarre.

They say you're alive only as much

as you're alive in the people's hearts

but I'm not counting on that soft touch

with so few being genuine at loving arts.

Given for keeps this gift of a life to live

with a mind just smart enough to know it

I nurture this joy as good as I can conceive

just too grateful for it that I would ever blow it.

Despite the world and not being its copy

but respecting and loving all creatures alive

I don't really mind my looking somewhat dopy

drunk with self-made happiness on which I thrive.

"The Best of Life Is Free"

"The Best of Life Is Free"

Earth provides enough for every man's need, but not for every man's greed.

-- Mahatma Gandhi

I from ever had this strong belief that I should first aim at attaining as much as possible of that what money can't buy -- happiness, health, peace of mind, wisdom, and loving relationships-- and only then, whatever material goodies. Ever since moving to this "rich West" I've been witnessing a prevailing massive attitude that's putting it all in an opposite order -- while people first struggle for money which is supposed to buy them everything else. So, their happiness they see in possessions; for health they buy a good insurance; for peace of mind they use drugs; for wisdom they attend seminars for "getting rich fast"; for love they use material baits, and talk about their wives as a "prize woman". And when they get rich and old, they become a "sugar daddy", buying the acts of love.

The following piece of prose in rhymes depicts the theme of this western mentality that brags about their enviable prosperity to the rest of the world -- while never really satisfied, and that's also its title which I see as the most suitable.

Most Prosperous but Never Satisfied

What are happy words that could inspire

if people keep insisting on feeling crappy

when there is no trace of such a desire

to junk lousy thoughts and just be happy.

What's the magic formula to trigger a laughter

if so many are addicted to nothing but gloom

proving how life sucks being all they are after

giving up on future while seeing only doom.

Whether poet or musician, they are trying

to uplift this world to some heights of a joy

but from every corner you hear just crying

happy laughter but good enough to annoy.

So many have turned into whining wimps

nothing to derail that sad train of thoughts

and it doesn't take much more than glimpse

to notice their spirits as if all tied up in knots.

With an incessant bitching at politics and crime

outsmarting each other with a passion and zest

seems to have become favorite national pastime

habitually miserable, but claiming to have the best.

It's a funny feeling while watching and hearing a video that describes me, like the one below

© 2020 Val Karas


Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on November 24, 2020:

Good composition. Nice reading. Thanks.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on November 23, 2020:

I enjoyed reading your poems but I must say I love the first one.

Happy despite the world...this one seems just like you.

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